Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Secret of the Number Eight - 8/2009

1. The fact that this World as we know it today began with 'Eight Souls (Noah and his family) saved by water' according to 1 Peter 3:20 makes the Number 8, the number of New Beginnings. The Secret of the Number Eight therefore is hereby given to you to know that EIGHT as the Number of New Beginnings, is also the Number that implicates the very Beginning of Success or the very Beginning of Failure as in the case of Noah and his Family.

2. We do not need to know the full ramifications of the Secret to Success as it concerns the Number Eight but we ought to know for sure the full ramifications of the Secret to Failure as implicated by the Number Eight. Believe it or not, the very Secret to Failure is trying to please Everyone.

3. Hence, from this August 2009 till the end of this Year 2009 be very careful about trying to please everyone. This is a very critical season in the calendar of God for the rest of the Year 2009. Nothing is as painful and discouraging as failure which is the same as having every of your effort ending up in futility.

4. Failure as engineered by trying to please everyone means that the more we try to please everyone, the worse things will become around us especially in the pursuit of our destiny. This is especially true for the remainder of the Year 2009.

5. No matter how you look at the Number Eight For Year 2009, You have the authority to declare it the Beginning of Success for your life and never the Beginning of Failure for your life. That authority is rooted in your ability to take a defiant stand at all times against trying to please everyone.

6. Failure is not in your vocabulary, when you realize that you cannot please everyone. Beginning with this Eighth Month of 2009 (Solely by the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus, The Christ of God), make something work out for you by changing the course you're now on that tries to make you wanting to please everyone. Beginning from this very August 2009, You will be able to command the respect and attention of those around you almost without having to say much if they perceive you as someone who is not out to pleasing everyone. As such you will exhibit such great grace that shows your mature faith and strong character to all.

7. This Month - August 2009 - Being the number 8, you must begin to be very discriminate about whom you should please and when to move away from trying to please everyone. For you to have such financial, emotional and mental strength to reach your goal by December 31, 2009, do not give in to those around you, who try to change your beliefs or those things planted in you by the Lord Jesus Christ.

CONCLUSION: Do not forget that the Number 8 has an emotional level of being a very strong willed number, like the number 5. This makes August the month that begins either Your Success or Your Failure. However, remember that the way a man thinks in His heart, so is he. (Proverb 23:7a) Hence, the number 8 as in the Eighth Month of 2009 marks the season when you are more intellectually stimulated and aroused by stimulating conversations. You may be finding yourself attracted to the other person for all the wrong reasons! That can tend to like things for merely outward appearances. Hence, to be Successful and reap the Harvest of Success for the remainder of this Year 2009, refuse to please everyone or be attreacted to everyone. Make it your Aim to PLEASE our Almighty God as all times in all places. Amen.

In His Righteousness,

M. Joe Omeokwe, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus - Math. Dept., C.U.N.Y.
Senior Pastor
The Harvest Center
Vineyard International Christian Ministries
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Bronx, NY 10456, USA.

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