Thursday, September 8, 2011

Many Christrians Are Unhappy. Why????


Apostolic greetings in the name of Him, who saves unto the utmost, even Jesus, The Christ of God. Please read Psalm 119:105 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17 first of all before you read the rest of this write-up. I am full aware that there are tough days at work, trouble at home, and it never gets easier. Moreover, I am very much aware that as you grow older it can be tough to stay happy and upbeat with the challenges that life throws at you. But as I pray for you, I have few questions to ask you. Is it tough to enjoy time with friends and family? Are you able to focus and work hard? Do you ever feel unhappy?

The sad truth is that many Children of God struggle to stay happy. From King David to Apostle Paul as well as many others in the Bible, we have come to understand that a poor mood can wear and tear on your body leaving you feeling tired, drained, and empty inside. Unhappiness can damage your relationships, hurt family and friends, and make it tough to succeed. Everyday can be a struggle.

Living happy empowers you. It is imperative that a Christian live a better, more successful life. As such you ought to find yourself always playing with friends, eating dinner with your family, and feeling empowered. Moreover, you ought to find yourself motivated and achieving your goals. Beloved, you ought to have fun living the fulfilling, long life you deserve. You have, in Christ Jesus, the ability to achieve anything, but it's almost impossible without the right mindset, mood, and support.

We are in a spiritual war against our only known enemy Satan. Therefore, gaining and maintaining a positive mood can be hard. But a promising new discovery which is really the same old truth is bringing hope to as many as would hold on to it. "Mood Enhancement" has to be ONLY by a way to safely support your body's healthy, natural mental function by nourishing your body with vital nutrients of the Word of God and proven ingredients. Remember any treatment with Drug alters your brain's chemistry and never a safe natural way for adults to feel better and live happier. But when you learn to use the raw Word of God - just like it is:

Helps ease effects of stress and anxiety
Promotes a positive mood and live happier
Support healthy, natural mental function
Makes enjoying times with friends and family
Live a happier, more active life

The daily dosage of at least 20 Minutes of Morning & Evening personal devotion (concentrating in prayers with only one of the promises of God from any part of the Bible that guarantees victory over every negative roots of Galatians 5: 19-21. Every found verse of the Scripture that fits into dealing with the acting out of these vices is just like taking two pills in the morning or evening. Within a few hours of your first dose you should start feeling the effects. Most people see gradual improvement over the first two weeks.

Rather than feeling drowsy or slow in the day, you would find that a single memorized verse for the day gently eases stress and anxiety as you keep speaking that verse out through out the day, while also helping you feel better. Copy out the Verse in a clip board or piece of glaring paper if you cannot memorize it. Keep reading it to yourself in the course of the Day. This sample takes a few days to take effect, but the results can be well worth it. Begin early everyday, first, with a personal devotion. Wake up bright and refreshed in the mornings. Then the strength to work hard, enjoy your day, and feel positive. This practice helps support your mood without side effects of drugs such as drowsiness or trouble sleeping. It is also non-habit forming that is negative but a habit-forming that is positive.

Write me about your experience after a three month trial of this consistent morning and evening personal devotion. Amen.


In His Righteousness,

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