Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This season calls for safe navigation through the dense milky gray fog ahead. It will not last. Now it may seem like you are in flight and looking out of the window of your aircraft into nothingness. Here's the instruction for this season: summon all your faith in exploiting your instrument (The very Word of God); listen to the directive Voice of the Air Traffic controller (The Holy Ghost) while maintaining a definite clear mental picture of the nature of your landing environmet (Your Next Season) and ultimately of your final destination. Many have lost this mental picture of their final destiny (destination) - the coming New Heaven and New Earth. For the short term, focus on the next season of your life - What mental picture do you have? What are you visioning? I believe that this Season is a set-up by our Father in Heaven for the fulfillment of our purposes here on Earth. Please read again Matthew 19:26 and vigorously continue to operate and work on Matthew 10:20.

Beloved, you can see YOUR NEXT SEASON and know it in the Spirit - exercise your faith. Remember that having the faith of God and seeing into the spirit realm are the KEYS to doing Kingdom exploits here on Earth and prevailing over all the diabolical forces of hell. Moreover, they are essential accessories to our eternal trip to the New Heaven and New Earth about to be soon manifested. Jesus Christ is on His way back to this Earth. But in this Season, begin to SPEAK prophetically into your current situations - no matter what they are - in line with the clear mental picture of your next season. Understanding and seeing your NEXT SEASON births in you a confident expectation of the Result and surely will bring about the soon manifestation of your desires in line with the Will of God. I am fired up about my next season no matter the fogginess of this present season because I believe that my next season depends on me - how I believe and not just what I believe. Remember Matthew 19:26 and Mathew 10:20. What about you - how do you believe?

Write me and let us dialogue. God richly bless you and Maranatha (He is coming soon).