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LUKE 1: 5-25

















Tuesday, December 8, 2009


1. Whatever happened to Tiger Wood happened in the past and it is going to happen again in the future. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and we know that there are consequences for our actions and inactions. The essence of my last encyclical and this present one is for us to look for possible good that might come out of his tragedy and see a glimmer of light. Perhaps, by reading this encyclicals, others might avoid the same pitfalls and other may gain some hope in forgiveness from God even when folks may never forgive or forget. Like King David of Israel, whose human failure was made open to all, his rebound would be the greatest legacy from this greatest golfer that ever lived.

2. However, we must learn that all sins are equal before God and that we must never judge other people too harshly because we are not without sin. We do not know what we would have done if given the same sets of circumstances as Tiger Wood. The truth is that the spectators are usually the best players. We need to focus on ourselves and on whom we have become. We must move from surviving to thriving as well as move from fault finding to fault bearing. Like King David again, neither Tiger Wood, nor anyone, can fall beyond the reach of God's love and forgiveness. The is the most important lesson of all.

3. It is true that some people take joy in other people's pain and want to feel better than others or better about themselves especially when reading or witnessing such scandals as Tiger's. The truth is that none of us is better than Tiger. Every one of us must do his or her own repenting and equally go through his or her own stages of repentance - the constant replays, the gnawing guilt, the shame and finally the hope a new beginning that springs from true repentance.

4. The fact that God did not exposed our sins or our nakedness to the whole world does not mean that we ought to act as if we are without sin. Sometimes, it is a good thing for God to expose our sins and have us go through the fire as to come forth out of it as tried gold. But all said and done, Tiger Wood by God's mercies will be born again as he accepts the present pains with humility and contrition.

5. We must never forget Bill Clinton and all the attempts to scandalize him. We must never forget that the people who were his loudest critics have all fallen flat on their faces with exactly the same sin and in some cases worse that President Clinton. Some of them have been caught in men's bathroom soliciting men for sex, some on mountain trails with their "soul mate" outside of their marriages, some caught with other peoples' wives, and the list goes on and on.

6. We should focus on getting God to forgive us of our transgressions instead of focusing on someone else's. This is the essence of this encyclical. We must learn to look beyond the pains and failures of others. Rather, we must learn to look for the glory that follows every suffering and the change that follows when any individual have gone through painful processes.

7. We must learn to give room for folks like Tiger Wood to heal and to find restoration with his wife and family. The less attention we give to this incidence, the better the family can deal with their problems and heal from their pain. For Tiger, this too shall pass as he reclaims his place in history and in the heart of humanity.


1. Marriage, family and career are put at risk by two powerful forces of Nature -Infidelity and Greed. Usually these risks are carried out in particularly dumb fashions. Hence, they are usually baffling both to the perpetrators and to the observers. Yet, as baffling as they are, they are conquerable in the battle fields of the mind and no where else. If you can change the way you think, see things and speak about them (inwardly and outwardly), you will change your life and destiny. (Write me on how you can bring about this change on how you think and speak)

2. E-mails? Text messages? Voice mail? Anything digital these days is the modern equivalent of a billboard on Times Square. These are no go paths in modern communication that can bring down any leader and must be used with words that are clear to meaning and godly.

3. You must never do the dirty and more so with women and men for whom, it appears, discretion is not a key part of their value set. The other's value set examination is a test every leader must pass even if it is just the basic appearance test on value set. As a leader or role-model, you must never allow the basic lower self or instinct to override your value judgement of the other person's values.

4. You must realize that you will never be able to get away without scandal and shame if you do the dirty with women or men that have no proven key value system set that includes self-respect, self-decency and integrity over money. The lust for money just like the lust for power can turn any human being into an ugly beast. Men and women can say or do anything for self-enrichment and survival even in the Church - not to talk about in society and in politics.

5. No man or woman should ever fool himself or herself by thinking that they would never get caught in infidelity or greed. Only foolish men and women think they would never be caught with greed or infidelity. Both greed and infidelity are governed by the power of the same lower self or basic instinct and must be resisted with all the grace that God alone can give.

6. Every man or woman must realize that the brain system evolved millions of years ago to drive us to do some of the most important things we do in our lives especially in the realms love and sex. God, in the beginning of Creation said, "be fruitful and multiply" and the brain do find a way to carry out this command.

7. It is equally important to realize that the drive to sow as many seeds as possible, for some men, overrides the front-brain systems that calculate risk and benefit. It is equally important too to realize that once anyone indulges in greed acts or infidelity once, and does not get caught, that makes the risk look smaller and kills the rational fear of getting caught. This is an important lesson.

8. Another very big important lesson for leadership and for life is that once One has gotten used to acts of greed or infidelity, those brain parts get shut down and often get shut down for good. This shut down of the brain begets the internal bravado feeling or hidden celebration that they have been winning (not getting caught) for years. After a lot of winning, they figure they will keep winning. Don't forget how profound the sex drive is. Once in this frame of mind or mentality, sex drive like greed knows no limits and fears no risks.

9. It is not just biblical but the truth: People in lust after the opposite sex are irrational just like people pursuing greed. Both persons are governed by the same power of lust. They believe:

a) This woman or man is special and that they are special too.
b) They are different and smarter.
c) They have a love-trust relationship with the opposite sex.
d) They feel this sense of false security and invincibility.
e) They assume that they know better than any counsel from spouse or friends.
f) They assume that they are not in love/passion and therefore can think clearly.
g) They falsely assume that can think clearly in the cold light of day if they get exposed or caught in the very acts -- but by then, its too late.

10. Many flawed people have come to believe that the risk of getting nabbed either in infidelity or greed really isn't as large as one might think probably because they know other men and women who manage to keep their affairs out of the public eye. So they think that they are in the company of men and women who do get away with it. If this is your mentality, BE AWARE that you will ultimately become blind to the risks of infidelity and greed - thinking that it is never ever going to touch you and that the guy who got caught was just stupid. This is a great hidden DANGER once you open these DOORS.

CONCLUSION: As your Internet Pastor and Counselor, Hear me - I trust this above piece and the experiences of Mr. Tiger Wood would surely put the fear of discovery, if not God, into YOU not just for the next 10 days or so. It is my prayers that everyone reading this piece would never go back to business as usual. Seek counsel or contact our ministry if you are addicted to sex, greed, any deviant behavior or just want to talk to someone. God richly pour out His grace on You. Amen.

Friday, November 6, 2009


PROV. 17:8; PROV. 18:16; EPH. 4: 1-15.

The term - a Covering - in Hebrew is "Rachaph" - which simply do imply to brood over like a Mother Hen over her chicks in times of danger or when a hen is giving warmth to her chicks in a cold weather or just for comfort. From this, is the outgrowth of our Greek word - Abba and the Compound Latin Word Padre or English Word - 'Father' which has come to mean more than just covering but a Seed Carrier as in Husbandry or Farming.

So in Ephesians Chapter 4 - He that holds all the gifts gave them to His Church through a divined and defined vessels. So in connecting to these God chosen Vessels, I use my human gifts to attract whatever gifts the Holy Spirit has deposited in this particular Chosen Vessel or Apostle or my Covering or Father when I serve him with my human gifts.

How do I use my human gifts to attract the gifts of the Holy Spirit as to attain my destiny here on Earth? The Alter of a Father that eats your SEED shall meet your NEED as you take on the Spirit of the Father or possess the spirit of that Father in your innermost being.


A) Twice God spoke from Heaven - This is my Beloved Son - 1) In Whom I am well Pleased and 2) Hear Him. Why????

Because Sonship and Fatherhood are the highest calling on Earth and that is the only way God perpetuates His creation physically and spiritually.

Hence Jesus Christ could say, in John 5:19 - What I see my Father do, I do.

B) The Highest Calling to any member in the Church therefore is Sonship - without which it would be real difficult to fulfill your Destiny on Earth - if you understand and flow in Sonship you would easily fulfill your destiny here on Earth.

C) The most lost person is a Fatherless person or an Orphan and the most non-entity or a person without identify is a Bastard.


1. In 1 Corinthians 4:15 Paul tells the church that they have many instructors but one father, and that he considers himself their father through the gospel. YOU CANNOT HAVE TWO SPRITUAL FATHERS IN ANY SENSE AS A CHRISTIAN.

2. He also writes to Timothy as his “son”. And many other times he refers to being in “labor of birth” for the churches so that they would come to maturity and understanding.

3. If you are a member of any Church and therefore a son of the very Apostle that speaks into your life on a consistent basis - Then I present to you - Your Spiritual father.

4. But Everyone wants to be a son, but not everyone wants to pay the price. There is a price to pay to be a Son just like there is a price to pay to qualify as a Father.

5. Teachers teach, fathers correct with love and urgency. In other ways, fathers raise children, not clones. There are times when you can hear preachers who learned from other preachers that sound just a like (you could almost guess who they sat under without them telling you). Fathers spur sons (and daughters) on in their gifts and callings and revelations from God.

6. Fathers also bring accountability (as my spiritual father says) so you don't run off and get in a ditch somewhere (meaning a revalational, religious, powerless ditch). Who are you accountable to even when you will not be in Church or keep your obligation?????

7. The words “Father” and “son” are generational words, and the Kingdom is very generational. And for churches in the Kingdom to be generational, there needs to be fathers and sons.

Who is a Son?

a) Someone to carry FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE the name (the vision) OF A FATHER.

b) You are not a Successful Father until you have a Successor Son and you are not a Successor Son unless you can project your Predecessor Father as a Success. You can be a Cross-Over Son or Successor or a Translated Son but not a Successor Son.

c) In other words, your are a Successor Son when even in those transition times like a Spiritual Son, you could take over and keep the momentum going and continue to grow that organization or church of Your Spiritual Father from glory to glory. This is the Highest Calling for anyone in this Church - Just like the Highest Calling for a Daddy here is not just to be Bishop and Founder but to be our Father.

This is the Highest Calling For A Father and For a Son !!!!

Philippians 1:1-11

I.- The Spiritual Son benefits from the Intercession of the Spiritual Covering or Father (vv.3-5).

1.- The Spiritual Son is usually in the Spiritual Father remember of his or her Spiritual Father (v. 3).

2.- The Spiritual Son benefits the prayers of is his or her Spiritual Father.(vv.3, 4).

3.- The Spiritual father/mother pray for the spiritual’ growth of their children(v. 5 a).

II.- The Spiritual father/mother encourages the spiritual growth of his children (v. 6).

1.- The Spiritual father/mother stimulates the faith of their children (v. 6).

2.- The Spiritual father/mother reveals to their children the mystery of the transformation that affects destiny. (v. 6).

“…that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion …”

3.- The Spiritual Son inherits the convictions of Faith of a Father (v. 6).

III.- Just like the Spiritual father does not neglect his responsibility as a father - so also does the son not neglect his or her responsibility (vv.7-11).

1.- The Spiritual gift of a Son is best developed, matured and directed under the Spiritual father. (v. 7).

2.- The Spiritual father demonstrates with their thoughts and acts a legitimate love for their children (v. 8).

3.- The Spiritual father cries out for the Christians life’ growth of their children (v. 9).

4.- The Spiritual father/mother prays for their children’s ability to distinguish the good decisions and necessary fidelity that only comes through Jesus Christ (vv.10, 11).

How You Can Know if you called to a Spiritual Father in This Church !!!

Three gifts in particular distinguish the spiritual father.

The first is insight and discernment (diakrisis), the ability to perceive intuitively the secrets of another’s heart, to understand the hidden depths of which the other is unaware. The spiritual father penetrates beneath the conventional gestures and attitudes whereby we conceal our true personality from others and from ourselves; and beyond all these trivialities, he comes to grips with the unique person made in the image and likeness of God

The second gift of the spiritual father is the ability to love others and to make others’ sufferings his own. Of Abba Poemen, one of the greatest of the Egyptian gerontes, it is briefly and simply recorded: “He possessed love, and many came to him.” [14] He possessed love this is indispensable in all spiritual fatherhood. Unlimited insight into the secrets of men’s hearts, if devoid of loving compassion, would not be creative but destructive; he who cannot love others will have little power to heal them.


God richly bless you.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prosperity and The Pursuit of Money !!!

The Bible has given us the key to life in all its ramifications including the Role and Spirit of Money: The just shall live by his faith. —Habakkuk 2:4, KJV

1. Financial stress comes to everyone at one stage or the other in life, recession or not. For many, life is a trend of feast and famine, with the feasts being short lived and not too extraordinary and the famine lasting for years at a time for many. Money (or the False god) is in the center of life or God (The True God) is the center of life. There is no other alternative or middle ground.

2. Sometimes prayer cannot cut through the issues of money. One can pray every day during the week and yet may never experience God's blessing or see Him answer their prayers concerning certain needs or things driving one to desperation. What then? In such circumstance, is it time to play lottery, try one's chances of making money at Casinos or at Las Vegas, gamble or resort to all the gimmicks of making money? Or is it time to heed to the very Word of God, "It is required in stewards [that is, those who have been given a trust], that a man [or woman] be found faithful" (1 Cor. 4:2, KJV).

3. Anybody can be faithful when prayer is being answered, when the wind is at one's back, and everything is going well. But what is one to do when God suddenly hides His face? What are we to do when the center can no longer hold as things are falling apart? Until you have experienced the hiding of His face and come out on the other side, you won't really come to know God as a friend.

This was Habakkuk's experience. Habakkuk 2:4 is a famous verse that is quoted three times in the New Testament.

4. There is an intentional ambiguity here. The faithfulness can be God's faithfulness to us or our faithfulness to God: the verse can be read either way, and it means both. But it can equally describe the faithfulness of the individual himself, who doesn't give up hope. The person who trusts God and lives by His promise to bless is declared righteous in the sight of God. It applies to the future—to the fact that God will accept us in heaven—but it also applies to the present that our God is meeting us at the points of our need. God is saying that we are declared righteous now - complete in Him with nothing lacking, broken or missing.

5. If we could only see and understand this, it would set us afire. If, in the moment when we don't see answered prayer, we could just look up to heaven and say, "God, I love You anyway," God would declare us righteous just because our faith pleases Him. That kind of faith has a cleansing result. We feel clean. We don't understand why God lets things happen, but we trust Him anyway. Guess what? He will cause ALL things to work together for our own good even the ugly, the very ugly. (Romans 8:28)

7. By Dictionary definition: Gambling is the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize); then I want to succinctly point out again that the god of Money is Mammon and the Spirit that controls or give money the controlling power it has over humans makes money and the desire (love) for money a very deep spiritual issue. Therefore money is a Spirit, an Influence and Captivating Force. Once it is loved or becomes the center of one's life, it takes over the one's life - deforming the character, contributes to life's shapelessness (out of order in godliness) and
communicates the wrong message of prosperity and godly establishment.

8. Lottery Visa for immigration purposes and School Admission Lottery or such are the Government's systematic ways of giving opportunities to everyone to attain a position which can only be available to a very few people. In these type of government program, one may only pay to procure the application form and nothing else apart from meeting certain qualifications for that position. Such a lottery is a means of elimination of the many unlike Money Lottery promoted by States and various Agencies/Institutions including Casinos which sells lottery tickets based on calculated actuarial Law of Large Numbers. They designed to make a Profit - to help them raise and acquire money for their own ends. While doing so, they pass on the spirit of gambling and greed to the masses and never reckoning on the consequences of their actions on the poor. Of course the rich, most educated people and wise folks are never caught on this vicious circular trap that feeds on the greed and desperation of the poor.

9. But here are few words of Wisdom on the pursuit of Lottery and such like that shows that it way it comes is the way it goes. Watch out for the lives of the many who won Money Lottery even in the Millions - see how they ended up in Seven Years (the number of life cycle for regeneration) - very wretched, divorced, broken, misery, full of regrets and many other woes in diverse degrees. All of them and none spared. Listen to the Word of God:

Proverbs 13:11 - Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labor shall increase.

Proverbs 23:5 - Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.

Ecclesiastes 5:10 - He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity. 11 When goods increase, they are increased that eat them: and what good is there to the owners thereof, saving the beholding of them with their eyes? 12 The sleep of a laboring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep.

1 Timothy 6:10 - For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

Hebrews 13:5 - Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Luke 16:1 - And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. 2 And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward.

Philippians 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. 4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

10. Gambling including Lottery for monetary gains, by its nature, is selfish and self-seeking. The gambler seeks personal gain and profit by taking other people's possessions without requiting them. Such is completely contrary to love and the law of sowing and reaping which assures us that God's way is surely to multiply what we sow - no guess work or leaving it up to Luck, namely to Satan, the god of Luck. While Chance can happen to all, Luck does not happen to all because it is rooted in evil for those it targets to destroy.

Matthew 7:16 - Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

If gambling produces many forms of evil, which it does, this confirms the conclusion that gambling is evil of itself.

Fruits of gambling: Poverty, neglect of families, quarreling, and divorce because gamblers often gamble with money the family needs.

Drinking and drugs, alcoholism and addiction. Lying because gamblers seek to hide their habit and their losses.

One out of every five homeless people admit that gambling contributed to their poverty. Among the fifty states Nevada, long known for gambling, has the highest rate of divorce and the highest rate of high school dropouts.

Proverbs 14:21 He that despiseth his neighbor sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he.

CONCLUSION: Gambling preys on the desperation of the poor. The National Gambling Impact Study Commission found that those with incomes less than $10,000 spend more on lottery tickets than any other income group. High school dropouts spend four times as much as college graduates. Scripture exhorts us to look out for the poor and disadvantaged, and issues strong warnings against taking advantage of their plight.

Some have argued that lottery like gambling can be played responsibly and that a good strategy is to give yourself an upper bound and a lower bound for when to quit. As we have seen, these types of human indulgence can quickly become an addiction or obsession. When it becomes either, it starts to seriously hurt you financially, then you've got a problem you need to fix. Love of money should never dictate your life.

In all, Romans 14:5b should be your final guide.

Friday, September 4, 2009




SEPTEMBER 2009: The Month that Ends All Confusions and Doubts that God will Do it For You.

Jesus, The Christ (Messiah) of God, was sent because Father loved the world enough to redeem us from the power and captivity of sin. We had all fallen short of His glory, so He sent His Son to be His perfect reflection to show mankind how to live in triumphant overcoming victory.

Jesus was God and man. He showed man the power of submission that would lead to victory. He fulfilled all requirements of righteousness. He made sure that He had done everything required from one season before He crossed into the next season. When reading through the Book of Matthew, we find John the Baptist as the defining voice in the beginning of the book. John would call people to "repent" and then require them to come out to the wilderness to be baptized. Jesus went out to be baptized.

John and his disciples had developed an order in the way they were paving the way for the Messiah to come. After giving a call to the people of the land, they led them out into a wilderness place. This place near the Jordan River would become "the place of the scapegoat." John would preach repentance and turning from sins. He used language like, "You vipers, you snakes, turn now!" As they named their sins in the wilderness, then they would be baptized. This was the way of salvation for the time leading up to Jesus.

Jesus had no sin, but knew He needed to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness. However, after Jesus was initiated into ministry through John's baptism, He spent 40 days in the desert wilderness receiving a new baptism. He was led into the wilderness by the Spirit and came out with power. He had to move from one message of change into another type of message of grace. In the wilderness, He met the devil. He resisted every temptation that would be known to man. For 40 days, His love for you and me withstood any attempt of the enemy to distract His purpose. You can move into a new grace during this time of shifting.

Nothing you are going through today can overtake you if you submit to the power of Christ in you, the hope of glory. He has overcome on your behalf. For 40 days, the onslaught of the devil was the most severe that would ever be known to man. He came out of His 40 days of resisting with overcoming power to transform the world. He triumphed over the trials of presumption and the enticements of pride. He offers a great power to you to overcome and triumph again in whatever you are facing today and the next few weeks. He has already overcome! You can overcome!

Do not give in to the pride of life or the offer to compromise. If you have been facing great temptations, shout "Go, in Yeshua's Name!" Close the door to satan's temptations. Resist the tempter. Speak the right word at the right time. Declare your assigned wilderness is creating a new power within you to stand. You can resist!

OCTOBER 2009: The Month that ends all Past Vestiges and Brings New Passions into Your Life

Leaving one season and going into the next is not always the easiest thing to do. John the Baptist had many disciples, but only Andrew left John in the wilderness and followed Jesus into the cities to eat with publicans and sinners. Our soul ties with the past structure, as well as people who are unwilling to change, can prevent us from advancing. The emotional tie that we need to cut with the old can be painful. Therefore, we resist the pain of change and choose to remain in what we are familiar with.

John did not seem excited about the changes that were coming to Israel through Jesus, the One for whom he had prayed, interceded, and paved the way. The message of repentance and the method of how to do it were both changing. Jesus went to the people instead of the people having to come out to the wilderness. Jesus loved the previous structure and all the people in that structure. However, He knew a Kingdom was calling and that He had to move forward to demonstrate the will of Father for the NOW! John eventually lost momentum and the passion to advance.

To embrace the new, you must let go of and quit clinging to the familiar. As a matter of fact, if you hold on to the last structure, you will be limited in how you can grow, mature, and efficiently operate in time in your place of stewardship. Here are some of the areas in which we cling to the old:

• Our Thought Processes–we need a new way of thinking.
• Old Methods–some are good, some are bad.
• Yesterday's Message–great revelation but not relevant today.
• A Narrow Form–one that was pliable in the past season but is now becoming rigid.
• Established Markets–creative products for a time, but now new innovation is required.
• A Great Glory Manifestation–this created belief and reorganized your life; however, now God is moving in a new way that is stretching you again.
• A Lesser Power and Demonstration–He has more to show us.

You can let go and follow! Take your new assignments! You will gain confidence as you go!

But in this Month of October, you have to watch your passion level! When we start losing vision for our future, we start losing passion and energy to advance. It is not too late to receive all that the Lord has for you. We are a people with passions and emotions like Elijah. Here are some questions to cause you to think critically:

• Are you emotionally drained and expended from the last season?
• Do you feel you have given your best and not seen the results you expected to see manifest?
• What is the "The Word" you are warring with?
• Do you need a new word for the next battle?
• Are you being confronted by a strongman that makes you want to run for your life?
• Have you come out of your abiding place?
• Do you feel vulnerable?
• Have you established your place at the gate of entry that the Lord has for your future?
• Do you know where your "GATE" or position is?
• Do you feel confident in your present assignment, position and role?

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Cry out for new vision and allow the Lord to lead you from an old, familiar place. Sometimes our familiar surroundings tend to blind us. Jesus led the blind man out of town to heal him. The first time He touched his eyes, vision formed but was not clear. Cry out for clear vision! Notice the process of vision. Do not grow weary in the Lord's process or method. Allow Him to touch you again! Allow clarity to come into your vision!

NOVEMEBER 2009: The Month that Ends all Past Burdens With Prospecting Assignments.

The Book of Nehemiah is a wonderful example and model of project development, endurance, and completion. Most likely, where you are presently positioned is a major factor in qualifying you for the future. Nehemiah was the cup bearer in the king's palace in Shushan in Persia. His assignment gave him an advantage for his future call and positioning. Therefore, when he received a report of the brokenness of his beloved city of Jerusalem, he was already positioned to make a request to be positioned anew to accomplish God's Kingdom purpose.

Many times we do not realize that our current job, vocation, or assignment is our place of training for God's call. The mundane duties of the day and the seemingly routine tasks can hinder us from practicing His Presence and receiving His burden. The burden of the Lord can find you if you are available to go "where you presently are," not where you are "longing to go."

Because Nehemiah was performing his duties at the court where he was assigned, he had access to information and could be sent properly into his next assignment. This is very similar to Moses, who grew up in Pharaoh's court. Because he submitted during those years, Moses understood the structure and system that God was sending him into to bring change for His covenant purpose 40 years later. David had to serve in Saul's court before he could rule in the Kingdom 17 years later.

Nehemiah's relationship with the king would allow him to be sent to serve the Lord and his country. Because he had become trustworthy in his assignment in the king's court, he could now receive the higher calling of the KING!

In reading Nehemiah 1 we find that burden can be a good indication that God is about to visit us and to use us. In Matthew 25:21, we find that if we discharge that burden faithfully, we will receive the same recompense that say thus: His lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord."

For the Month of November God says: "Let Me redefine your burden. This is not the burden you would choose. I will wash away the anxiety of your last burden and redefine your burden. I am ready to give you a new target and assignment. You have been so determined to stay spiritually focused in the way that you are going that you are missing My new assignment. I am giving new assignments and giving new burdens and raising up new intercessory calls. This will stop some of the warfare that you are experiencing. This is a time when you must listen and must quickly enter into your pause (selah).

"If not, you will be determined to correct when I am not correcting. You will misrepresent Me in the moment. I must have a people who represent Me in the moment, for moments are getting shorter. Your pause will lead you to your field. In a moment, you will be in your new field. Meet Me in the new field that I am calling you to. I am waiting for you. This is a field you have not known how to harvest. You must glean for a season once you enter the field, and then you will be favored to reap the reward of your labor from the last season. Reaping will be an indicator that you have secured your footing in the new field."

We are in a season in history where the Church is moving from one realm of the prophetic into another. We are moving from "the sons of thunder" realm into "the Sons of Issachar" realm. The tribe of Issachar was the Torah Tribe. They knew the Word and could interpret times from the Word so Israel would know what to do. This anointing is so important this hour. We are learning to discern God's perfect timing. Timing is not easy to learn. Great discipline defines your gift. Your gift makes room for you. Your maturing is a process! We all make mistakes by getting ahead of God's timing or lagging behind God's timing. There must be discipline so we learn from our missed opportunities and past passivity where we should have exercised our gift, but did not.

We cannot be a people who are just seeing problems, but we must develop the strategies to overcome and triumph. Many of us have an inner intuitive knowing or discernment. We can point out what is wrong, but never know what to do with it. This is a season of new solutions. Nehemiah saw the rubble from the season of war and destruction. When he looked at the rubble, he could also see the wall rebuilt. God is taking us beyond the rubble into a new place of building. He is calling us forth and pressing us through to get the plan.

This is not just a season to prophesy, but to execute. We love to prophesy, but now we are learning how to carry the burden of the Lord. This was one of the characteristics of the Issachar tribe—they learned how to carry burdens. We are also learning how to gain insight on how to unlock provision before we move forward in fulfilling vision.

DECEMBER 2009: The Month that Ends All Travailing as We Birth and Bring Forth for the Next Season

Nehemiah, Hannah and Jesus are examples of those who travailed to bring forth the next season. Travail is defined as birthing, delivering, being disgusted, faint, grieved, weary, distressed or troubled. The old Latin word referred to an instrument of torture composed of three stakes to which a person was tied. To travail is to be troubled, sorrowful, in agony, in intense pain, or in distress. In other words, it is not a comfortable experience. Think about Jesus at Gethsemane. He travailed until He bled.

Oftentimes, a person will initially interpret travail emotionally and become introspective. One may even suspect that something is wrong with them. However, travail is not an emotion but the burden of the Lord! A burden occurs when the voice of the Lord comes to a person and draws them into partnering with Him to birth and/or to war. The only way this burden can be released is through intense prayer. When a burden comes, you may feel weighted down by the revealed situation until it is released through sustained intercessory prayer.

This is a Romans 8:22–26 time. The Holy Spirit within a person knows how to pray under this type of burden. As the person begins to pray, the Holy Spirit takes over and begins to travail within and through that person with groaning that cannot be expressed in English words.

Isaiah 42:13 says that God Himself "shall go forth like a mighty man; He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies." Verse 14 continues, "I have held My peace a long time, I have been still and restrained Myself. Now I will cry like a woman in labor (travail)."

Many times, in this narrow place, we are distressed because we are hung between two paradigms and identities. If we internalize this distress instead of straining every nerve to release what we are feeling, we go backwards into an emotional breakdown. Let the travail produce God's plan of fullness and bring you and others forth into a new atmosphere and triumphant testimony. You will know your new choice for the life processes of God. Death's grip will give up! You are warring out of death and into life. Once the new is coming forth you must not shrink back.

My children are now having children. In the past year, there were six children born to them. WOW—lots of additions in one year! This represents a great amount of travail in the past year, just with individuals in my immediate circle. Lots of anxiety, pain, rearrangement of duties, finances expended, rooms redone and houses expanded. However, the pain of the travail to bring forth is forgotten when you see the future has already been released and is maturing.

There is a repositioning this December 2009. Just like Nehemiah, for long many of us have been positioned in the king's palace and living a life of comfort and ease. But just like this position allowed Nehemiah to be sent to his next assignment, so we are being sent to our next assignment. Your present assignment is important. A friend came to him to communicate the real issue of his people and the state of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was living at ease, and all of a sudden this divine connection caused his emotions to be stirred, and really made his life turn upside down. This is the stirring anointing for December 2009. Receive it.

This is a time that we must look deep into every connection on our path. How is something new coming into your life? How will the new information you receive change your normal, comfortable life? When the Lord is ready to do something in your life that will benefit you and His Kingdom purposes, He knows what and who to send to create the un-nesting of your current surroundings.

I see that the Lord is ready to employ many new people in His service. He has His remnant in all places! For example, Obadiah was in the house of Ahab. In Rome, Caesar's household was filled with Saints. Naaman's wife's maid was employed in Syria to connect and change, not only his life, but two nations. Esther and Nehemiah were both in the palaces of kings. Pilate's wife played a major role in Jesus' life. Paul was the Sanhedrin's finest specimen of knowledge and religion. Moses was in Pharaoh's court for 40 years. You are somewhere for a time such as this!

Nehemiah could not forget that he was an Israelite. He could not get rid of the burden and the distress he felt deep in his spirit when he discussed his people with his friend. Like Moses and Paul, he was annoyed, distressed and agitated in his spirit (see Acts 7:23, Acts 16). He could not compartmentalize his emotions and alienate himself in his comfort. He had to go and visit the burdens of his people so his spirit could find relief. He had to gain favor for a massive change.

Your present place right now is very important. The people coming into your life right now are important. The information you are receiving is important. How you process new reports and opportunities is important. The divinely sent changes into your comfortable life are important for you to watch. How you release the emotions in your life is important. How you receive and exercise the favor that is being released to you is important. Your suggestions are important. You may seem to be hidden in the past season, but you are being found for "such a time as this." Do not let your emotions stop you from moving into your next level of destiny!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Secret of the Number Eight - 8/2009

1. The fact that this World as we know it today began with 'Eight Souls (Noah and his family) saved by water' according to 1 Peter 3:20 makes the Number 8, the number of New Beginnings. The Secret of the Number Eight therefore is hereby given to you to know that EIGHT as the Number of New Beginnings, is also the Number that implicates the very Beginning of Success or the very Beginning of Failure as in the case of Noah and his Family.

2. We do not need to know the full ramifications of the Secret to Success as it concerns the Number Eight but we ought to know for sure the full ramifications of the Secret to Failure as implicated by the Number Eight. Believe it or not, the very Secret to Failure is trying to please Everyone.

3. Hence, from this August 2009 till the end of this Year 2009 be very careful about trying to please everyone. This is a very critical season in the calendar of God for the rest of the Year 2009. Nothing is as painful and discouraging as failure which is the same as having every of your effort ending up in futility.

4. Failure as engineered by trying to please everyone means that the more we try to please everyone, the worse things will become around us especially in the pursuit of our destiny. This is especially true for the remainder of the Year 2009.

5. No matter how you look at the Number Eight For Year 2009, You have the authority to declare it the Beginning of Success for your life and never the Beginning of Failure for your life. That authority is rooted in your ability to take a defiant stand at all times against trying to please everyone.

6. Failure is not in your vocabulary, when you realize that you cannot please everyone. Beginning with this Eighth Month of 2009 (Solely by the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus, The Christ of God), make something work out for you by changing the course you're now on that tries to make you wanting to please everyone. Beginning from this very August 2009, You will be able to command the respect and attention of those around you almost without having to say much if they perceive you as someone who is not out to pleasing everyone. As such you will exhibit such great grace that shows your mature faith and strong character to all.

7. This Month - August 2009 - Being the number 8, you must begin to be very discriminate about whom you should please and when to move away from trying to please everyone. For you to have such financial, emotional and mental strength to reach your goal by December 31, 2009, do not give in to those around you, who try to change your beliefs or those things planted in you by the Lord Jesus Christ.

CONCLUSION: Do not forget that the Number 8 has an emotional level of being a very strong willed number, like the number 5. This makes August the month that begins either Your Success or Your Failure. However, remember that the way a man thinks in His heart, so is he. (Proverb 23:7a) Hence, the number 8 as in the Eighth Month of 2009 marks the season when you are more intellectually stimulated and aroused by stimulating conversations. You may be finding yourself attracted to the other person for all the wrong reasons! That can tend to like things for merely outward appearances. Hence, to be Successful and reap the Harvest of Success for the remainder of this Year 2009, refuse to please everyone or be attreacted to everyone. Make it your Aim to PLEASE our Almighty God as all times in all places. Amen.

In His Righteousness,

M. Joe Omeokwe, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus - Math. Dept., C.U.N.Y.
Senior Pastor
The Harvest Center
Vineyard International Christian Ministries
1140 Teller Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456, USA.

(718) 538-9211 (Office)
(718) 542-7417 (Fax & 24 Hr. Hotline)

Monday, June 29, 2009


Acts 19:13-14 God is not the author of confusion. Satan is. We learn this in this chapter in Acts. Wherever idols are worshiped or participation in the occult is present, there is confusion because the author of confusion is on the scene. These idols are seen in what we worship in every nation on earth. These idols extend beyond:

- Finance or Money (Capitalism exemplified by 'Wall Street')

- The loose sexual and perverted (sexually confused and disoriented) life-styles of the Western World

- The Power Thirst and Personal Greed of the Developing Nations

- The existence of actual Occult practices or the Cultic in the bid to hold on to power, wealth and all kinds of sexual appetite across the nations and in the Church of Christ on Earth

and the list goes on.

Now in Acts 19, several Jews in Ephesus who were not sincere believers in Jesus Christ took it upon themselves to try to deliver a man vexed with an evil spirit. The demon in the man recognized that these seven men did not have the authority of Jesus Christ or the power of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit spoke through the man saying, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?" The man under the influence of this demon then became violent and attacked the seven men, who fled naked from the scene. The news of this encounter spread throughout the city of Ephesus, and many became believers because of the very testimony of an evil spirit.

That evil spirit acknowledged that he knew Jesus. This is a great example of how often the weapons the enemy sends against us do not prosper and are turned back upon him. Many were led to confess their involvement with Satan through certain practices, and they came forward and burned their curious books and other occult items.

The whole city became stirred, and many were confused. The confusion came because so many in the city were in idolatry. They worshiped the goddess Diana, and this opened the door for many evil spirits to influence and confuse the people.

Watch out for the patterns of confusion in the nations of the earth and in the very individual lives. Ask the Lord for the anointing to shut the door to the author of confusion that our nations and people have opened through dabbling in the occult. Take a stand against the occultism in your community of influence. Remember that witchcraft is the root of all sins of disobedience and rebellion against God and God's constituted authority around you. It is often subtle and uses the M.Sc. Degree - Manipulation, Seduction and Control to deal with its victim. Occultism on the other hands goes beyond witchcraft and is the root of all greed (political power and money grabbing as well as sexual exploits) and moral decay around you. It is very open but equally very deceptive and disguised. It uses the Ph.D. Degree - Power-political, Harlotry-real and economic and Devil Worship in all its dark forms to deal with nations and peoples. Individually, we have to receive the weapon to shut the door of the occult and occultism through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. God cannot do for us what He has delegated to us to execute on His behalf.

Nations and cities where people still read the horoscope daily or played with Ouija boards and fortunetellers (tarot-card or palm readers) allowed to openly operate their businesses are proof of the existence of the Spirit of Confusion. They are not for fun or mere game. These are serious occult businesses and practices. These practices need to be confessed as sin and renounced, and when you do this, you will no longer have a door open to confusion. You can look forward to clarity of mind and peace of mind and heart.

PERSONAL PRAYERS: Lord, show me all the doors opened to Satan around me and around my Church by the things being done and practiced by the men and women (no matter their position's level) within my domain of influence - the realm that collects my taxes (directly or indirectly and supply my means of livelihood through my sweat and labor. I stand in the gap as I confess and renounce these things (NAME THEM ONE BY ONE) and I close the door to and against Satan, I close the door to and against his Principalities and I close the door to and against his demonic spirits of confusion. So I say and thus speak by the authority given to me my Jesus Christ and in His Name. Amen.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Understanding The Three Levels (0, 1 & 2) of Spiritual Warfare.

Understanding The Three Levels (0, 1 & 2) of Spiritual Warfare.


Here we use the Power of Zero (Every Power Comes from God and belongs to God and will return ultimately to God) to bring the Powers of the Enemy to Nought. In the Physical Realm, Christ Jesus has given us the Power to reduce every Opposition OF THE ENEMY to Nought - Mark 16:16-18.

The is the Level that deals with the use of absolute power of the Believer - based on the Authority given to the Believer by Christ Jesus - this is the level of physical confrontation with the works of darkness and the powers of darkness. The level of warfare that deals mainly with casting out of demons and the healing of the sick - bringing their powers to nought.

It is the Realm of Extraordinary Miracles/Deliverance under the Apostolic Ministries - Reducing every Satanic Power to Zero:

“God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.” Acts 19:11-12

1. True Deliverance ministry is an integral part of apostolic ministry that brings the powers of darkness to nought. Healing, signs, wonders and salvations are part of this Ground Zero Level warfare too.

2. True deliverance of a soul from demonic oppression and possession and it is about getting a sick person healed. It causes the fire of God to fall as the atmosphere of healing presents itself and sometimes so powerfully that even before hands are laid folks are falling already on the ground.

3. True deliverance under an apostolic unction beyond deliverance, rehabilitates - as in the case of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, the Holy Spirit not only drives out the demons but pours out the grace of our Lord and Savior! It brings about a powerful and liberating experience.

4. The healing ministry or deliverance ministry gives us every reason to worship God for His goodness to us in Christ. In meetings where the power of the Lord is present to heal the sick, often when in His Sovereign Power touches one person with His Healing grace and that person shares the testimony of their healing, suddenly many more healing and miracles will begin to happen. This is so because faith has been built up in others through the release of the word of faith. As long as a praise testimony is exuberant and joyful that enables a healing atmosphere to pervade all over the room as people engaged heart by heart with the Lord - allowing God to truly meets the folks where they are!

5. In Luke 10 we read how Jesus sent out seventy two disciples and they returned to him reporting, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” Luke 10:17

Jesus responded, ”I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that our names are written in heaven.” Verses 18-20


The disciples had been ministering deliverance in the towns and villages and many people were set free and on their return the Lord spoke to the disciples of seeing Satan fall. Whilst Jesus was in the first instance referring to the fall of Lucifer from heaven, it is noteworthy to ponder a further possible emphasis the Lord was making – casting out of demons affects principalities in the heavens!

6. True Deliverance ministry which is an integral part of the apostolic ministry is in line with the further emphasis of Jesus to His disciples about the importance of rejoicing in relationship with God. A lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus is essential if we are to be involved in spiritual warfare even at this most basic level - the Ground Zero of Spiritual Warfare.

7. We read further in Acts 19 of some Jews who went around trying to drive out evil spirits in like manner to Paul and his team. However one day the evil spirit answered them and said, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you? Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.” Verse 15, 16

True Deliverance ministry is an integral part of apostolic ministry is based on Covenant Relationship with God in Christ Jesus. Whilst these unfortunate fellows in Acts 19 received a terrible beating, for those who are in covenant relationship with God, it is important to understand that the spiritual realm recognizes the authority of Jesus Christ and His anointed servants and submits to Christ's authority. Every knee must bow at His name. Hallelujah!


The level of warfare that deals with the occult, sorcery, witchcraft, and divination. It definitely unseen and takes place in the heavenly places and in the intangible realms - Eph. 6:10-12 - Principalities, Powers, Rulers of darkness of this world and Spiritual Wickedness in high places.

These Agents of Satan are dealt with in this realm, especially Rulers of darkness of this world and Spiritual Wickedness in high places - witches, warlocks, sorcerers and Satanists. Examples include Acts 8, 13, 16 and 19.

When the story of Jesus' authority became known to the Jews and Greeks in Ephesus, the fear of the Lord fell on the people and “the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor.” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. As a result of two years of preaching, preparation of an apostolic team, and the demonstration of God’s love and power through deliverance/healing there was a mighty shift in the spiritual stratosphere. Occult practitioners were now being shaken from their old lifestyle and beginning to come forward to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

“Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed their evil deeds. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas. In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.” Acts 19:18-20

1. We see in Ephesus how Satan’s agents (the sorcerers) were displaced from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the kingdom of God.

2. Through their open confession and repentance from the occult there was a radical increase in the number of people who (a) responded to the salvation message and (b) manifestation of God’s power.

3. The Ground Zero level Warfare of preaching, teaching, deliverance and healing had laid the foundation for this next stage of breakthrough. Hallelujah!

4. Occult practitioners no doubt held many in the grip of fear and superstition. When they became believers the devil’s hold was loosened on all the lives over whom they had influence and God’s grace was manifest in community salvation and transformation thus the kingdom was established and advanced.

5. Church, we need to love and exercise Christ's authority for those who are trapped in witchcraft, Satanism and all manner of darkness because Jesus died to set them free just as He died for our freedom too.


The level of warfare that deals with high ranking territorial spirits. . An example being found in Acts 19, where Paul’s ministry affected the worship of the goddess Diana in Ephesus.

1. When a society even a nation is held captive by a Satanic or Demonic Principality, every aspect of that society is infiltrated by the spiritual tentacles of the evil entity including the city’s economics.

In the Ground Zero (first) level of Warfare, this is equally true when a person (even someone strong in Church Activities) is held captive by Powers (of Darkness), every aspect of that person's life is infiltrated by the spiritual tentacles of the evil entity especially of rancor, unforgiveness, carnality and disobedience to authority.

2. The Ephesians' community was no exception. Prior to Paul’s ‘apostolic assault’ on the city, the economy had been controlled and influenced in many areas by the occult. The occult practitioners who had not converted to Christianity were now suffering great financial losses and about this time a great disturbance arose.

“A silversmith named Demetrius, who made silver shrines of Artemis, brought in no little business for the craftsmen. He called them together, along with the workmen in related trades and said, “Men you know we receive a good income from this business. And you see and hear how this fellow Paul has convinced and led astray large numbers of people here in Ephesus and in practically the whole province of Asia. He says that man-made gods are no gods at all. There is danger not only that our trade will lose its good name, but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis will be discredit, and the goddess herself, who is worshipped throughout the province of Asia and the world, will be robbed of her divine majesty.” Acts 19:24-27

A riot quickly ensued and the people were furious and began shouting, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians” and soon the whole city was in total uproar. Paul’s traveling companions (Gaius and Aristarchus) were seized by the people and rushed into the theatre. Paul wanted to appear before the people but the disciples wouldn't let him. The assembled mob was in total confusion, with people shouting in contention over one another and with most folks not even understanding why they were there. One of the Jews Alexander tried to speak to the crowd but when they understood he was a Jew they chanted for two hours, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians.” Verse 34

3. Occultism births rebellion, confusion and uproar in the places where demonic thrones operate to bring despair and destruction upon a people or a region. Watch nations, societies, communities and cities where occult practices are the norm or rampant - the nations of Africa, Haiti and such other communities.

4. It is time for the church of Jesus Christ to rise up in grace, to praise His glorious name and to pray with humility and fervency for the rule and reign of Christ to be established throughout the nations. His kingdom rule releases righteousness, peace, joy and Godly order in our lives and communities, yet we understand from the example of Ephesus that breaking through into hostile enemy territory may in part, involve a riotous enemy response prior to the establishment of righteousness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Apostolic authority and wisdom penetrates hostile territory with the glorious Gospel of our Savior!

5. The city clerk stood up and quieted the crowd and said, “Men of Ephesus, doesn't all the world know the city of Ephesus is the guardian of the temple of the great Artemis and of her image which fell from heaven?” In broad daylight and in the midst of the community the government official was stating that this city was guardian to what we may equate to be the queen of heaven.

The officials’ word confirms that the city had been in bondage to demonic rulers. However, the ensuing riot that accompanied this third stage of Spirit-led warfare by Paul and his team is evidence of a wicked ruler that was beginning to topple and needing to find a way to stop the holiness invasion that was uprooting all of its power bases in the city it had once ruled. Eventually the city clerk calmed the crowd and told them they were in danger of being charged with rioting because of their behavior and he then dismissed the assembly.

6. We live in days of increasing spiritual warfare and we must learn to ascend into the reality of being hid in Christ. When the Lord has taken me into spiritual warfare encounters with wicked evil rules, powers and principalities I can honestly say I did not ask to be taken there. Each encounter with an evil principality or ruler has been for a specific kingdom purpose.

7. Warfare on this Third Level should not be entered without the specific direction, instruction and inspiration of the Lord. It is far too dangerous to engage with high ranking evil powers if the Lord has not appointed, authorized and anointed one to do so.

One must be given an authoritative decree to proclaim in dealing with high ranking evil powers. One operating in this realm must be accompanied by a troop of angels and because the Lord in His Sovereign power initiated the encounter, one then would be divinely protected as long as that Son of God (in the Kingdom mindset) remains within the remit of God-given sphere of authority.


Church history has it that Apostle John later went to the City of Ephesus and entered the temple of Diana. He prayed and the goddess split in two; the final blow had been cast against the evil principality and its grip on the city of Ephesus.

Hallelujah our God reigns! Let us now get into nations, cities and people groups and do Warfare - all kinds for our God has given us the nations of the earth and her people. Praise God.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Since you have watched the video clip of this very interesting demographic projections - Which is still A MUST SEE and concerns you as a Christian in this time and age - What are your reactions and what commnets do you have as to assists our Church leaders to prepare the Church of Christ for the soon coming head onn collusion with Islam. But, if you haven't watch this video clip, please go back to my encyclical and watch it. it is titled:


You may need to join our 24 Hr Prayer hotline and let us beat back the force of Islam.


M. Joe Omeokwe, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

12 Things that the Holy Ghost has convicted me on for 2009:

In the last 12 months we have seen changes like never before - the very shaking of every thing to the very foundation - in Politics, in the Economy and in the Social Realm. But the Church does not even realize that this same shaking going on has also affected her deeply and a new movement has been emerging and will soon fully emerge with a new name. How can we all especially those of us in covenant in the Vineyard International Christian Ministries and our associates embrace these changes and come to terms that The Charismatic Movement and many other major Denominations as we know them have ended. Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA) now known in many quarters at The Episcopal Church (TEC) have shifted from a God believing Anglican Church to gods believing Anglican Church - where whatever you can believe is welcomed and whatever lifestyle you want to pursue is sanctified. As long as what you do does not physically hurt anyone else, it is nobody's business and therefore moral and acceptable. The same goes to even those Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches where this type of moral platitude maybe condemned from the pulpit but is secretly practiced from the pulpit to the pew until exposed to the press.

Here are 12 Things that the Holy Ghost has convicted me on:

The cloud is moving and has shifted. We can no longer do Church as usual or even attempt to pitch our tents around the patterns and revivals of the past. Beginning with this Year of Fruitfulness, for us to advance and become fruitful, methods or ways of doing Church that are no longer fruitful must be discarded.

What must we immediately discard:

1. Excesses, extremes and flaky doctrines.

2. One-man show that often gender into entertainment flowered with great Organ and Yelling hype.

3. The Prosperity Circus of the Past Years.

4. The deceptive hype of the past especially in fund-raising and in healing services.

What must we immediately embrace:

1. Embrace the power of the Holy Spirit like never before as we place high premium on evangelism, small-group discipleship, social justice and world missions.

2. Become extravagant in giving to outreach.

3. Become relational, not event-driven.

4. Demand character from leaders rather than simply celebrating a man or woman's spiritual anointing.

5. Become connected in a healthy, relational way to other churches in a non- denominational or restrictive sense while refusing all labels.

6. Really become free to pray, dream and be creative about how we should reach the children, high school students, business leaders, drug addicts, immigrants, homeless people, twenty-something's and church dropouts in this communities where the Lord has planted us.

7. We must join God in tearing down the walls that divide us whether they be racial, tribal, denominational, gender and political or anything else. They must be done away with if the Church of God will take her Kingdom Place on this Earth - no matter what goes on in the world or in any other realm.

8. Embrace today's technological revolution in all its ramifications as tools of global and market-place evangelism.

In sum, we must not fight the changes God wants to bring in our lives. As you hold on to His unchangeable love, allow God to push the reset button. Then buckle your seat belt and hold on. We are in for the ride of our lives throughout this Year of Fruitfulness even the Year 2009!

Monday, April 27, 2009



"Taking the five loaves and ........." Luke 9:16"

May is the Fifth Month of the Year 2009 - The Month for the realization of God's Appointment for your Destiny. The month to experience a unique encounter with God - the Season for "Springing Forth and Out" for the world to see you as God sees you. You are qualified for this encounter because you are the righteousness of God. It is a mystery - God turning Your Five (what you have) into Your Five Thousand (what you need). You are His dear blessed child, washed and forgiven by His sacrifice and made blameless and holy in His sight. You are the prime target of multiplication of resources this month of May which is symbolized by the Miracle of Jesus Christ in the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Remember, Beloved, that it is the truth that you know that sets you free. This truth boldly confronts one of the subtle deceptions that has so many people bound. That deception has made many of God's children slaves to the approval of others and captive to the drive of selfish ambition. All in an attempt to feel good about themselves and yet experiencing no multiplication or elevation in life. But God in Christ Jesus has set you free from this fruitless endeavor. For the Mystery of the Month of May - The Power of '5' means that:

You would be multiplied in all dimensions beginning with the love of God because of who You are in Christ, not for what You do.

You do not have to strive to earn your acceptance by man or God because God has made You accepted in the beloved.

You are not accepted or promoted based on your performance or your ability because the favor of God will turn Your Five into Your Five Thousand.

You do not have to keep up with today's so-called standards of living to be worthwhile or credible.

You can have opinions that differ from others without fear of being disqualified from love because God's love makes You secure in Him. Therefore, You can risk being
You and yet prospering.

You are free to explore and develop all the uniqueness of your God-given personality without penalty.

You no longer have to struggle or perform to fill the gnawing void that tells You that you are nothing without accomplishments, awards or popularity.

You need to know that the Power of '5' means that your struggles are OVER - if only you can believe it.

'5' as we know it is the Number of Divine Appointment or Encounter and by prophetic transactions, it is the May (the Fifth Month of the Year 2009) is the month of translating FIVE into FIVE THOUSAND in this Year of Fruitfulness. '2' is the Number of Divine Agreement !!!!


Whatever we have in our hand or in our possession is that FIVE. We must be willing to use or sow from all our resources, talents and gifts for Jesus - then we will reap the FIVE THOUSAND return beginning with this month of May.

"And looking up to heaven" Luke 9:

This is the right month to enter into covenant of appointment with the Father (by faith, nothing mystical here) based on the Number '5' and understand thereof what it means to look to the Father - our perspective changes and we see our Provider - not the problem. Based on the principle and power of the 3 T's of Time, Talent or Treasure) of '5000' (Five attached to three '0' intensities.

This is the sure month of making The Covenant of Appointment with the Father based on the Number '5' as to quickly access the power of creative miracle this Year 2009 that changes what we HAVE into what we NEED.

"He gave thanks And broke them"


It is in breaking that bounty flows - this is the message of the Season. Our Lord Jesus' body was broken so that we might be made whole. Yet, as disciples we will still experience our own personal time of breaking - operating on this Principle - so that we can break out and break forth. Yes, until we let go (break-away) that FIVE which is what we have in our hands, we cannot exprience this multiplication of FIVE THOUSAND.

This is the month whereby if we can muster the faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. In other words, we can expect to see the creative miracle power of the Number '5' working for us in acceleration in any and all situations if we hold on to this unction and to the Father's heart. This Month of May being the 'Month 5' of 2009, we just need to access God's presence, understand He is Creator God and acknowledge the Holy Spirit moves on words spoken in faith to give us our 5000 level multiplication in all dimensions. Praise God.

Your Brother,
The Ven. Prof. M. Joe Omeokwe
Vineyard, Bronx, New York, USA.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Types of Repositioning That Will Begin In The Fourth Month of Year 2009 !!!

God revealed to us as the Year 2009 began that this Year 2009 will be like no other year in the History of the Black the World over. It will mark the 40 Years of the Death of Martin Luther King (when I gave the Black Man in America the right to be really free) and most importantly it will mark the 400 Years the first black Slaves arrived to the Coasts of the USA from the Coasts of Africa. Therefore have I raised President Barack Obama to be the sign of this and to serve the World as the 44th President of the USA and to hold the 40th Presidential Inauguration at the Capitol. Hence, during the Passover and Easter of Year 2009 which is the 4th Month of your Solar and Gregorian Calendar but the 1st Month of the Jewish Calendar, I will begin FOUR major types of Repositioning for the Believing Heart especially of those who have been down and held down. Remember that for the practicing Jewish people, the first time to bring in the First Fruit to God. The reason being that the First governs the Rest and the Fruit also is dependent upon and determined by the Roots. Those Believers who practice the giving of their first fruit either by the Gregorian Calendar or by the Jewish Calendar know these Truth. Now, all these will begin on the Passover of Year 2009 which is on April 8 (4 doubled or the twice of 4), 2009. The Number '4' being the Number of Revelation - the beginning of real manifestation.

The Next Five Months are Critical and The Passover and Easter of 2009 marks the beginning of this Repositioning. Beginning with the Passover and Easter of 2009, I will release such a profound resurrection power of my visitation to fulfill all my promises that will birth fruitfulness in my people in this Year of Fruitfulness even Year 2009, says the Lord. There will be two dimensions to this: The Passover Dimension which in Hebrew means 'halt' - a time many will be halting between two opinions to fully obey the Lords instruction as to escape the Death Angel and Egypt or perish like the Egyptians under the fury of the Death Angel. It is like the days of Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel as the people halted between two opinions - going all the way with the Lord or going all the way with the idol (false god) Baal. But the Passover for the Believer is a time to come out from every slavery or bondage - the restricted place - and enter into the great expanse of God's blessings.

Now, Barack and Michelle Obama are the Symbols of this Passover and Easter of this Year 2009 for the believing Heart and it will mean Seven Things:

a) A time or moment to end your Slavery - having no authority and rights.

b) A time or moment to end your Bondage - having no freedom and privileges.

c) A time or moment to end the oppression of the taskmasters (the demonic).

d) A time or moment to end the power of frustration - hopelessness.

e) A time or moment to end every limitation.

f) A time or moment to end the Power of the Destiny Destroyer.

g) A time or moment to end to end the syndrome of No Harvest - No Success.

But on the whole, this Passover and Easter brings for the Believer for Four Types of Repositions:

1. Spiritual Repositioning
Key adjustments need to be made in our relationship with God. Many have been prioritizing ministry and giftedness over intimacy with God, like Martha (Lk 10:38-42) and the Corinthian church. Ministry will not bring the supernatural favor or deliverance that intimacy will, as Psalm 91 emphasizes. Some individuals, ministries, and churches will be led to adjust their priorities and procedures to circulate everything around intimacy with Him.

Some have been prioritizing good behavior and "godliness" over intimacy with God. The Ephesian church had a "Godliness Resume" more impressive than many of our churches today, yet Jesus called them backslidden-fallen from a great height-for abandoning intimacy with Him (Rev 2:1-5)! Goodness and "godliness" without intimacy will not bring the necessary divine favor or deliverance for the coming seasons. Remember Psalm 91!

2. Emotional and Relational Repositioning
Key adjustments need to be made in our emotional and relational life. Many are emotionally set in shame and need to be reset in innocence. Some are set in a stained feeling and need to be reset in a pure feeling. Some are set in fear and need to be reset in confidence. Some are set in habitual feelings of frustration and need to be reset in feelings of progress and momentum. Some are set in rejection and need to be reset in acceptance. Some are set in invalidation and low self-esteem and need to be reset in value and worth. Some are set in depression and need to be reset in joy. Some are set in aggression and need to be reset in kindness. Some are set in ongoing feelings of confusion and need to be reset in feelings of clarity. Some are set in powerlessness and need to be reset in felt power and capability. Some are set in abandonment and need to be reset in "cared for". Some are set in hopelessness and need to be reset in hope.

Do not get overwhelmed by this list. We are all maturing emotionally into Christ-like emotions. Simply ask and wait for the Spirit to illuminate the emotional cross-over He wants you make, then go from there. Psalm 147:2,3: The LORD builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the exiles of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Along with emotional issues, some will be led to reposition relationally. This means key adjustments need to be made in their relationships and social life. Some will be led to sift or redefine their inner circle, or closest relationships. Some will be led to sift or redefine their outer circle, or social affiliations. Some will be led to adjust specific relational patterns that are crooked and unhealthy. Some will be led to distance or cut off completely from toxic people. Some will be led to restore or intensely cultivate certain connections. Some ministries and churches will be led to rearrange their networks, partnerships, or financial supports.

Relationships are always huge, but they will be even huger in coming seasons. It is not only about avoiding toxic people, or not over-investing in unhelpful or unfruitful individuals/groups, it is also about recognizing the "key holders" and "hand-ups" that God sends. If He touches your heart concerning relationships, adjust whatever He points to.

3. Intellectual And Vocational Repositioning

Key adjustments need to be made in our opinions and logic. This will also makes a shift in our vocation - the willingness to reposition ourselves for the very maximization of our skills and intellect. The possibilities here are endless, so I'll be general. For many, your opinions (about whatever) will be the death of self - The Self in you has to die. Change now! Good and bad things will happen, and both will be magnified in coming days, but only the Christian who has adequately repositioned himself in his mind will be able to detect the supernatural interpretation of such things. Romans 12:2 and 1 Corinthians 2:10-16 are phenomenal passages concerning this. Remember, revelation comes from the Spirit/our spirit into our mind-the Spirit of wisdom and revelation enlightens our understanding (Eph 1:17,18 NKJV). Therefore, our mind must be prepared and positioned so that incoming revelation is not bypassed or discarded as a meaningless thought or imaginative residue or demonic suggestion. The Christian's logic must be entirely Scriptural and spiritual.

This means key adjustments need to be made in their job and career. Some will be touched to change jobs completely, while others will be led to simply change their emphasis or responsibilities in their existing job. Some will be moved to work more (jobs or hours), some to work less. Whatever the adjustment, God will be touching many to take small or gigantic steps toward their life calling, to move more and more into work that satisfies their unique design (Ps 139:13-16 NKJV).

The Spirit will touch some ministries and churches to better synchronize their workers' responsibilities with their unique design. Leadership structures will be reorganized and reset. Some leaders will be added, some released. Follow the Spirit repositioning your organization's personnel and task distribution

Again, do not be overwhelmed. You do not need a perfect mind going into the coming seasons, only a repositioned mind in the opinion(s) God brings to your attention. Ask and wait with all willingness, then jump the fence and cross over to the other perspective when He shows you.

4. Doctrinal and Ecclesiastic Repositioning

key adjustments need to be made in the area of church. Some might need to leave their present congregation, for positive or negative reasons. Some might need to reposition themselves where they are at (new place of service, new small group, more/less responsibility, more/less time investment, different ministry style, etc...). Some might need to plant themselves, and I mean truly connect and invest, in a solid Bible-based fellowship. Many will also be led to reposition doctrinally. This means key adjustments need to be made in what they believe (and therefore, practice) about certain biblical subjects. Incorrect, partial, or watered-down doctrines on certain subjects will prove costly in the coming seasons. God knows this, and is illuminating His cross-denominational church with greater understanding of biblical truth.

This is not a denominational thing, or a "movement" thing-this is a Bible thing. The Spirit will be repositioning many Christians' doctrinal settings so that it will favor and deliver them in time to come, not trap and trip them. Some "Church of Christ" or "Charismatic" might become more "Presbyterian" or "Methodist", while some "Baptists" or "Catholics" might become more "nondenominational" or "Charismatic" or "Church of Christ". And vice versa and on and on.

The Head of the body is converging and integrating the faithful, Bible-believing, Spirit-led body parts for the coming seasons and final seasons. The God of heaven and earth could not care any less about our man-made, man-centered, man-glorifying denominations. He cares about His Name, His Bible, His kingdom, and saving sinners, and whoever else cares about these things will find themselves in one and the same mighty rushing River! So be humble and compliant to whatever doctrinal adjustments the Spirit convicts you to make. It might just save your neck and bless your family in ways you could never foresee.

What The Resurrection Power of Easter in This Year 2009 will Yield to Us Because Of Repositioning:

1. A Willingness within the Body to rise up from the Death on the Word of God.

2. Therefore an Enforcement Angel or Angels Dispatched to ensure there is no encumbrance or hindrance to the very Word of God.

3. The Death Wrap (all Limitations) removed for Total Freedom and Liberty.

4. The Closed Door Stone Rolled Away by the Angels - Your Coming Out from Every Bondage and Oppression has been guaranteed.

5. The Sign of The Empty Tomb - The Announcement of the End of your Slavery and Bondage signaling the Possession of All Authority over Life and Death - I am not WHO Christ is but I am WHAT Christ is.

6. The Soldiers (or Your Enemies) rendered powerless and destroyed - The Egyptians you now see will be no more (cease to exist) after this Season.

7. The Mary Magdalene Syndrome - Suspense and Joy will grip and mesmerize All who sees you (those who encounters you) after this Season. Repositioning in this Easter Moment means that the Glory and Anointing of God will be on you like never before as to forever either change your Destiny or create a New Destiny for you. Get on and move into it.

These are the REVELATIONS for this Hour and this Season !!!

Remain in Expection which is the essence of Hope. Expect a Change in this Season. Maranatha.

In His Righteousness,

The Ven. Prof. M. Joe Omeokwe
Vineyard Int'l Ministries
Bronx, New York, USA.

Saturday, March 28, 2009



What does repositioning mean?

To understand reposition, we ought to understand position. Position means "the manner in which a person is placed, arranged, set, or situated". I like the word "situated". Our position, then, in a certain area of life refers to how we are situated in that particular area. For example, a person can be poorly positioned in their relationships. This could mean they are relating to others from a place of baggage and crookedness, or, it might mean they are in relationship with harmful and toxic people, or, it might mean they are not keeping in step with the Spirit who is trying to evolve their existing relationships. On the other hand, a person might be correctly positioned relationally by having repositioned themselves (adjusted and re-situated) correctly in the above scenarios.

Our journey with God will require ongoing repositioning beginning in this month of April 2009. Part of this is because God must rearrange our incorrect life arrangements, arrangements He did not inspire or initiate. This is the sanctification or transformation process whereby we are gradually being conformed to Christ-likeness in every area. Another reason is because of our destiny's multi-dimensionality. Our calling possesses different features and depths, and therefore, requires our ongoing repositioning to successfully actualize these dimensions.

Though our entire lives will be marked by repositioning, there are key seasons where God initiates major, high importance repositioning that have significant consequence potential. These are landmark seasons in our life and calling, personally and corporately, and are more crucial to recognize than the typical repositioning we continuously experience simply by being a Christian.

5 Months of Repositioning

Beginning in April and spanning an approximate 5-month season, significant portions of Spirit-targeted individuals will be divinely-initiated to reposition themselves in high importance ways. The Lord is sending this word because of the consequence of this 5-month window, how it will reset hinge areas for the future. The Lord calls from heaven for us to hear and see. Hear Him!

This Coming Summer of Year 2009 - Is Crucial for Fruitfulness

Many of these repositioning will have relevance for this summer of 2009. Many that do and do not adjust faithfully will reap in the summer.

Why now?

Fruitfulness of Year 2009 means that Year 2009 is a Year of Soul-winning. In 2009, many unsaved friends, family members, and people in general will look to Christians nearby for solutions. Some will do this for the first time ever. Even some that have mocked or hated Christians will have unusual and unexpected mind-changes. For many of us, God will be resetting our lives in ways that will produce great victories and desirable circumstances, perfuming us with an attractive fragrance to these 2009-seekers.

God is reassuring us that Year 2009 is a Year of Protection. It has been prophesied already that 2009 will see difficult days in certain aspects of America. We are seeing it already not only in the Economy of this Nation and in the Political Arena but all the levels of the Social fabric of this nation. Isaiah 3:10,11 and Psalm 37:18,19 have glorious assurances, though, for the truly faithful Christians: Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done...The days of the blameless are known to the LORD, and their inheritance will endure forever. In times of disaster they will not wither; in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.

In this Year 2009 and immediately beyond, Christians will flourish significantly or struggle significantly to the degree they are properly positioned in each area of their life. Of course, this principle is true always. However, as already mentioned, there are situations and seasons where proper positioning has much greater consequence, for better or worse. 2009 and immediately beyond is such a time. Faithful adjustment in the next several months will result in supernatural protection, provision, prosperity, and power thereafter.

Oh Christians, hear the words falling from the Lord! Listen and shift in a time of shifting, and be covered in the day of sifting for your fruitfulness! Be abundant in the day of scarcity! Be powerful in the day of weakness! Choose the choice of the Lord! I will continue this trend of thought and prophetic utterances next week. Till then, keep being prophetic and walking in revelation. Maranatha.

Yours in His Righteouness,

The Venerable Professor M. Joe Omeokwe
Bronx, New York

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"How can you distinguish between a random idea and a God-idea?”

I have been dealing with the mysteries of numbers for so long now that I can't help but delve deeper into the biblical implications of numbers. Everything about you and I are in numbers. We do ask, "How old are you," "What is your height," "What is your weight," "What size do you wear," "How many times do you eat in a day," and so on. Everything about us is in measurements. But what is the mind of Christ Jesus in revealing all these things to us. What are their implications for this Year of Fruitfulness even Year 2009?

Is it really true that we have “the mind of Christ?” But then, what is 'the mind of Christ?" If our goal this 2009 is to leave behind old, worn-out thoughts and open our minds to God’s fresh flow of new ideas, new opportunities and new dreams. Then the starting point to change a life or ministry for the better is to change our thoughts—the content of our thoughts as well as how we think about ourselves, our lives, our ministries and the world around us in terms of numbers and their implications as we number our days here on Earth. When we change the way we think, we set up a new pattern of perception that raises our awareness of the world around us especially on numbers or symbols and permits us to see that world more clearly.

We must determine that a great part of our mission is to stretch our thought lives. We must intensely study ourselves and the world around us and pray ourselves back to life again in appreciating all that Gos has given us in alpha-numeric formulations and symbols!

The most important foundational secret to building an effective life or ministry is: “Your thoughts control your life.” The thoughts you choose to occupy your consciousness will control what you become. For example, if you focus your thought life on the fact that this year 2009 is about Fruitfulness and base your confessions on all that God has declared in His word about fruitfulness, then you are bound to reap a great harvest this year. Again if you believe that the Year 2009 is symbolic because it begins with the digit 2 and ends with the digit 9 and has intense nothing in-between. Therefore, the difference between those two digits is the difference God will make in your life in this Year 2009 - even as your thought intensively stays on it in your confessions, then you will experience 'REST' - in all you do because the differential digit '7' is the number of rest or completion. But you must enter into this thought process and confession with an apostolic mind-set while possessing the anointing of 'finishing' or 'completing' in whatever you have begun to do or whatever God has begun to do in your life. As you pray in this Year 2009 for fullness in all things, fullness will come your way in this Year 2009. Rather than copying stale prophetic utterances and ministries of the past years, the understanding of the mysteries of numbers and symbols will become a springboard for new, innovative ideas that will catapult us forward and deeper into twenty-first century ministry.

To every one that believes in the five-fold ministries, here is my question, "How can you distinguish between a random idea and a God-idea?” I will answer by asking four questions:

1. Is the idea worthy of my consideration? The Scripture describes the kinds of thoughts we are to have in our lives
(Philippians 4:7-8).

2. Does the idea glorify God? If there is any aspect of the idea that does not glorify the Lord, then it is not a God-idea.
(1 Corinthians 10:13)

3. Is anyone else doing it? If someone else is doing then we should collaborate with them instead of competing with them. (Romans 12:4-6; 1 Corinthians 12:26)

4. Will it help a lot of people? There can be no doubt that a God-idea will help a lot people. If not, then it is not a God-idea.

“Your thoughts control your life especially on numbers and symbols” are the TEN words of one of the most important, foundational concepts in life and ministry success.

Please send me your comments even as I pray that God will richly bless you in the study of numbers and symbols; that the Year 2009 will truely be for you a Year of Fruitfulness.

In Christ,

Professor M. Joe Omeokwe
Bronx, New York.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Christian Approach to Dreams from Real Life based on Biblical Patterns


Dreaming About The Dead or Death News:

Text: Mathew 2:19-20 - "But when Herod was dead, behold, an angel of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child's life."

When we dream about the Dead: Dead People, Dead Father, Dead Mother, Dead Relative or friends

To dream of the dead, is usually a dream of warning or instruction. If you see and talk with your father or someone of fatherly authority in your life like your Pastor or Bishop, some transaction that instead of bringing you a blessing is about to trigger a curse is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you. Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this type of dream.

To see your mother, warns you to control your inclination to cultivate fear of any sort that leads to morbidness or death and also when you harbor ill-will towards any one or people around you. But you dream of a dead brother, or other relatives or friends, it denotes that you may be called on for help or charity or aid within a short time, if they have not been calling you and you have been ignoring their calls.

To dream of seeing the dead, living and happy, signifies you are letting wrong influences into your life, which will bring material loss if not corrected by the assumption of your own will force.

To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self. The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure.

It may happen that sometimes an Angel or some Spiritual Persons we know or have heard about who have died perhaps fifty years or more ago may appear to us in a dream, and if it speaks to us we should pay special attention to what it says, for such a vision is not an illusion or delusion like in the case of Joseph in our text above, and it is possible that a man is as much able to use his reason during the sleep of his body as when the latter is awake; and if in such a case such a soul appears to him and he asks questions, he will then hear that which is true like in the case of Joseph again as concerning the death of King Herod. Through these solicitous (Angelic or Spiritual) beings we may obtain a great deal of knowledge to good or to evil things if we ask them to reveal them to us or if they just went ahead and instructs us. Many persons have had such prayers granted to them. Some people that were sick have been informed during their sleep what remedies they should use, and after using the remedies, they became cured, and such things have happened not only to Christians, but also to Jews, Persians, and heathens, to good and to bad persons.''

A Corpse or the Presence of a Coffin or Burial: This is the end of something - a relationship, an affair or business or whatever. If burial is involved, it means something is being hidden for good or being put away out of sight.

It usually symbolizes anger and confusion that comes about in times of change. If nothing is changing in your life, it may be a clue that a change is needed or that you want to change internally. Fighting with strangers usually represents an internal struggle. Fighting with familiar people may be an extension of daily life and a reflection on your relationship with them. Fighting with animals or beasts usually represents an external struggle with forces outside of you that are resisting the change or changes you are about to make and would want to destroy you if they could. But if the animals or beasts are fighting among themselves it represent those forces outside of you coming together to create confusion around you in times of change. If you don't persevere they would muster enough confusion around you to impede this change or stop you on your track.

Dream Symbols and Their Meaning - A Christian Approach to Dreams from Real Life based on Biblical Patterns:

abandoned - you abandon something that you are detaching your emotions from. You are abandoned, being left out feeling rejected.
abducted - You are being controlled by circumstances or an other's will.
airplane - flying: sense of being on route to your desires, need for a vacation or getting away, Landing: coming back to reality from that desired, grounding your self, the changing situation regarding an ideal or desire. Time to put ideas into action.
alcohol - others drinking, they are out of control, it is an excuse for their behavior, they are not in condition to help you by their own fault, You: possibly drinking too much, its your excuse for you to do something out of the ordinary, or for not performing,
alien - person or situation that is completely foreign to you, you are at a complete loss at how to handle or control a person, circumstances or situation.
alley - a restricted or confining situation that you have to traverse on your journey. Limited options.
alligator - Threatening you: fear of an unpleasant reaction to something you said or did. Not threatening: realization that there are consequences to your actions. Also, that you are prepared to fend off any threats against you. Attacking you: You have suffered repercussions from previous deeds, or are stressed out about it happening soon.
ancient - grounding in the past, things continue to go on in spite of one's fears of the present. A sense of having foundation.
angel & fairy - Spirituality, a messenger of words or showing the way or giving an example. Encouragement that you are not alone. Can be your Higher Self preparing you for a future event.
ant - Little things or events that annoy and irritate you. Lots of diverse activity requiring energy and attention. Little distractions.
anxiety - Your impatience is showing with a desired or feared coming situation, or event that has a measure of suspense.
argument - others: you recognize a conflict between events or people. Unsettled issues. You: Trying to rectify conflict or make up for things left unsaid.
army - An over powering force. No match for anyone. You against all the others.
athlete - Others: represents agility and ability that you recognize. You: You are engaged in doing what you felt you couldn't do. You feel your own ability and agility over circumstances or a situation.
attack - You are attacked: you haven't addressed a conflicting situation. You are attacking: You are fighting back from an injury or offense committed against you.
attic - Secret or hidden thoughts or memories. Discovery of same. Knowledge that is special is being unveiled, Your connection to the Higher Self.
audience - The world around you. Fear of your private feelings or thoughts being discovered. Being under observation or watched.
aura - Around a person or angelic being: Gives divine meaning to what they represent. Special symbol to get your attention.
avalanche - Unable to flee: Stress in life situation is controlling your life. Fleeing and watching: Living under stress while performing your duties and functions.
baby - A new event , happening, beginning for the subject of the dream. Can mean a baby if the dream is about a pregnant person or someone wanting to have one. Wish fulfillment. Fills one's sense of lacking or incompleteness.
basement - Your perceived faults, shortcomings, fear of those with power over you.
bat - Pestering and annoying people and events associated with them. Erratic, and sporadic events.
bathroom - A need to remove certain emotions and beliefs. Remaking oneself into something new.
beach - A place of transition between spiritual and material: emotions and mental tranquility.
bear - Friendly: Support and consoling. Unfriendly: Threatening situation or circumstances from powerful sources, groups or institutions.
bedroom - Sexual meaning, partnership, intimacy, relationship. Has subconscious implications regarding the activities here.
betrayal - Actual betrayals may recur. Suspicions often played out with this theme. May be precognitive in both respects. Represents both love mates, friends and business.
birth - Can be about a real birth. Coming event or new beginning. Rebirth from what was thought to be completed or ended.
bite - Being bitten brings to a close emotions and fears about vulnerability from something threatening or unresolved. The trigger event is signified by what is doing the biting.
blood - A sign of life. Killing scene with blood: Enforces the notion that something is ended or finished.
boat - Spiritual journey. Calm and peaceful: An encouraging report on one's progress. Stormy: Conflicting issues not resolved yet. Can also be signal that emotions are not balanced.
bomb - Unexploded: A fear of a negative future event. Exploded: Recognition that things or a situation has fallen apart.
book - Knowledge to be revealed.
boy - May be relating to one's youth. male). A woman's protective association with her mate. A woman's projection into her future .
bridge - A transition or transformation. Crossing a boundary, or getting from one situation to another. A place where change takes place.
brown - Earthy, common, crude, basic, material, foundation.
burglar - An intruder, unwelcome person or event, loss of something. Being forcibly deprived by someones actions.
burn - The disintegration of something, loss, ending, beyond control. Emotion or anger dissipating,
bus - Going along with everyone else, part of the group, not going it alone.
cage - Restricted, encumbered, restrained, held away from the thing desired.
cars - Cruising along, going somewhere, a journey. Out of control: Not in control of circumstances or of one self
castle - The desires for the self, the person's future, dreams and plans.
cats - A feminine power symbol. Attributes are by image portrayed.
chaos - Observing others: Detachment from their concerns. In the midst of: Dealing with inadequacy to handle one's own situation.
chase - Unresolved circumstances, situation, emotions plaguing you. Can be real fear of being pursued by someone or something.
cheating - Common dream of those who have suspicions real or imaginary about their mates. Some times can be a hint from the subconscious to investigate.
cliff - A place that represents a threat and feeling vulnerable. Falling from: Losing control of oneself or situation.
climb - A struggle to attain a goal or purpose.
closet - Confined in: Feeling limitation regarding one's psyche. Hiding in one: Trying to avoid facing up to one's inadequacies regarding the self.
coffin - A focus upon death and the realm beyond. Removal or detachment from an emotional connection with the person within.
corpse - The end of something. Desire to keep something hidden.
crash - Bringing to an end an emotion or fear that was causing stress in the person. Warning about driving habits.
cry - Release of emotion not related to the action in the dream that caused the crying. Regaining emotional balance.
dance - Brings a sense of bonding with partners.
dark - Attempt to accomplish something with inadequate or insufficient means. Need to be balanced in undertaking.
death - Does not signify death. Means to remove or be removed from a situation, emotions or circumstances. May or may not involve the dead person.
deceased - The deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. :They bring messages and convey the notion that everything is OK.
descend - Getting out of a threatening situation. Migrating to a lower status.
devil - A symbol for fear and evil for those who use this symbol.
direction - Having to choose: The need to make a decision in life. Fork in the road: A choice to be made. Going in: The recognition that one is on a journey of sorts.
doctor - Talking or treating you: Check your self, it may be health related. Someone else: May indicate medical need or focus.
door - Choices to be made. Entry into the unknown. Entering something new. Making a commitment.
driving - You are on a a life or purpose journey and making progress getting there.
drowning - Losing ones emotional control. Situation is out of control. Inability to handle a circumstance or social situation.
earthquakes & volcanoes - Dealing with things out of your control. Unexpected problems or circumstances. May be stress related.
elephant - As a gift: Sense of abundance or prosperity coming. Baby: Good luck or fortune.
elevator - The status and location of your mental and spiritual awareness related to the mind. Slow elevator: impatience to get there. Wrong floor: you haven't found what you are seeking.
eating food - This may be an indicator that the dreamer is concerned about a weight problem or eating disorder. It may be a health warning to draw attention to one's eating habits or weight problem.
enemy - Can be conflicts with one or more subjects. Can be one's own shadow self that you haven't dealt with.
empty - What you expected doesn't exist.
engagement - A future desire. In anticipation of a known coming event. Can be a prophetic message about the future.
escape - Desire to find a way out of a situation or circumstances. A signal that one can escape the thing feared. Confidence that one can overcome problems and enemies.
exam - Being put on the spot to prove oneself in ability, fidelity, loyalty, truthfulness.
extraterrestrial - A sense of being beyond the possibility of understanding. Can be a threat or a sustaining feeling.
face - A person's face may not be that person, but the feelings and emotions associated with it. Can indicate that person or that type of person. With out a face: Pay attention to the dream action and content rather than the person.
falling - Falling or rapidly descending: Fear of a loss of control or of something material.
famous people - Adds the quality with which that person has. Uplifting or negative qualities apply.
farm - Applies to remoteness, security, peace & calm, work.
father - Masculine, authority, strength, A strengthening symbol, or the reverse depending upon view held.
fear - Represents the thing you have to face up to in waking life.
fence - A partition of two symbols or meanings to focus upon. An obstacle. A choice.
finding - Discovery of desires, that which was unknown or lost. A signal to search for an answer to something.
fire - With fear: The disintegration of something, loss, unwanted change. Danger lurks somewhere. With curiosity: Re-think what your options are. A new perspective is needed.
fish - Many little fish: concerns, problems, difficulties that need to be thought about. Swimming with a dolphin: Spiritual meanings, sense of well being, emotions under control. Uplifting.
flying - By yourself: Signal to think positive, all things are possible.
forest - Confused or lost: Difficulty in finding a solution or thinking out a situation. Peaceful: Removal from problems, instills sense of security needed.
fork in the road - Time to make a decision about life direction or other choice.
fox - A situation or personality that requires caution because of possible trickery, deceit.
frog - Mysterious, or magical feeling intended. If it is staring at you: a spiritual significance of being watched. If the dream focus is not on the frog, but something else: it represents another person in your life. It also signifies something is known about you by others, but not known by you.
funeral - The end of something rather than death of a person. An issue or emotion finally being put to rest. May be a replay of a past real event.
gate - Closed: An opportunity for you to decide upon. Open: The beginning of an opportunity to leave your current situation.
gift - To make you feel better about what the gift relates to. Something is coming to you, high expectations.
Giraffe - Something beyond your grasp or understanding. Running away: Loss or defeat because of inability to cope or manage. Coming at you benignly: you recognize a challenge that can overwhelm you. Charging at you: you are beginning to panic because of unprepared mess. If focus is upon its throat: possible health related to throat problem.
God - Pay attention to details and meanings about yourself and your spiritual progress in life. If God is there but not the focus: the dream content has an important message for you. If God is the focus: try to remember your feelings during that part of the dream for clues to the meaning.
graduation - Completion and accomplishment recognized. Ready to go on to the next stage or level of life.
grandparents - Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: Need to regain peace and tranquility in life.
grave - Reminder of things past and completed. Draw opinions conclusions from other symbols.
groom or bride - Desire to marry. Face of fiance': Reassuring. Face of a non- candidate friend: Patience required. Faceless: no prospective partner there yet.
gun - Self with gun: Ready to assert one's will over the subject. Gun threatening you: Others wishing to assert their will over you. You are encouraged to take action about something and not remain complacent.
hair - Own hair falling out: Sense of having no control over a situation. Other's hair, seeing them as losing stature or importance in one's view. Real hair problem: Continuation of same.
health - Here are some points to consider being a possible signal that there is a health situation to be dealt with: Any focus upon a body part. Exaggerated size or color; Extreme feelings. Swallowing or choking, vomiting. When there is a demonstration of these on another faceless person that you are observing. It's best to be safe and investigate.
heaven - A spiritual meaning. A message from God or the Higher Self. Progress, status and direction in life can be made evident here.
hide - Trying not to face situations, desire to protect one self and avoid consequences. Continues suspenseful situation in life.
hill - Below it: More energy needed in a situation to get a resolution. On top of it: Achieved objective; feeling satisfied. Time to make new plans.
house - You, your psyche, intellect, mind, spirituality. How you perceive yourself in light of the things that go on here.
illness - Being unable to perform the action desired. An excuse to not do something. May be a sign of a real illness and should be investigated.
injury - You are injured: You may have been offended or emotionally hurt. You inflict injury: Signal that you are doing same to another person.
intruder - Someone or something has interfered with your peace of mind by forcing a situation upon you.
invisible person - Person: Can be presence of one's Higher Self lending strength and comfort. Power: Something in your life that you haven't been able to rationalize.
island - Seeking a refuge away from life situation. Feeling displaced and isolated from everything.
journey - The journey through one's life in a spiritual sense. The sense of making progress in spiritual things. From one part of a dream to another: Change of one dream purpose to another focus.
kidnapped - Forced to be involved in things not of one's choosing that are forced upon the person by outside circumstances.
kill & murder - You kill: You are fighting back against your fear or desire to eliminate something from your life. You are killed: You are removed from your emotions and feelings caused by the situation you are in.
kissing - Someone you like and want: wish fulfillment. A faceless person: your basic desire being met. Someone you know casually and not romantically: recognition of harmonious vibrations. A celebrity: trying to boost your self worth. Adulterous passionate overtones: If you already have a mate, it may be time to spice up the romance. If you don't, its wish fulfillment.
knock - Loud knock on a door: You are becoming aware of spiritual truths and are reaching a new level of understanding. You are aware of certain spiritual powers that you have.
lake - Observing peacefully: Your emotions are under control and you know it. Drowning in it: You have lost control of your emotions. Wading of swimming: A sense of spiritual peace surrounds you.
lightening & thunder - Afraid: Fear of a power beyond your control. Enjoying: Control of life's situation and recognition of a greater power that helps you.
love - Loving one's mate: Solely for your pleasure. Loving your ex mate you still want: Helping you to feel better. Loving your ex mate you don't want: Time to over come your negative emotions against them. Loving a friend or stranger when you are happily married: Your romance is getting too routine, time to spice it up a bit.
marathon - An ongoing situation or circumstance that a person is undergoing. A sign that the person can persist to get a result.
marriage - No fiancé: Its your desire. With a fiancé: you are anticipating the event. To a non-candidate: Meeting of the minds to work together.
money - Winning or finding: Makes your financial situation easier to deal with. May be a precognitive signal. Raise your expectation, something is in the air.
monkey - One who is not under your control. Qualities of a monkey applied to a person as an excuse for their behavior.
monster - Different forms of monsters for diverse fears. To force you to face your fears.
mountain - On top: Sense of having arrived or having accomplished something. Below: Prepare for a challenging effort needed to over come a problem or situation.
mud - A situation that has no clear solutions or understanding at the moment.
mummy - A person you know: Helps you accept their passing. One that walks and talks: Death is not the end. Nor is the end of something, the end of it either.
naked - Northerners: The covers probably came off during the night. Other things: You are not prepared for something. You are in the public's eye often.
name - Hearing your name: Your Higher Self or one from the spiritual world touching in with you. Draws attention to others in your life beyond the physical world. Makes you aware of your uniqueness.
ocean - Deepest foundation in a spiritual sense. The source and depth of spiritual feeling.
pain - Transfers emotional pain to the physical. Regarding body parts, a possible health related situation that should be investigated.
paradise - Refreshes the soul spirit. A vacation from the physical and material world. A reminder of better things.
paralysis - Often felt during lucid dreaming and when someone wants to move physically in a dream. Can also represent one's inability to function in a given situation.
police - Authority figures add sense of protection or rescue. Can also provide sense of impending punishment.
pregnancy - Desire a baby: You may be pregnant or its giving you what you want so you don't feel wanting. Don't want a baby just yet or you are a virgin: The dream is satisfying your instinct to have one. Someone else may be pregnant.
quicksand - A trap from which one may not easily escape. A sense that you are losing and can't overcome your problem.
rain - You are trying to overcome an emotional issue with someone or something.
rape - You feel used or your integrity violated by someone or circumstances that was forced upon you.
Rat - Non - threatening: Indicates that something doesn't make sense, is deceptive, is wrong or amiss, isn't fair. Threatening or attacking you: you are in the midst of a situation that involves the previously mentioned meanings. May represent disease if the dream is one about health or well being.
ring - Symbol of commitment when involved with a candidate for marriage. Can also be any other type of commitment. A sense of completeness.
river - Creates a focus on the feelings and emotional content of the dream.
school - A place where one works out situations with a feeling of being on familiar ground, a controllable situation. Can resolve issues never done in school or use those old solutions to apply to current situation. For teens it’s the backdrop for many social issues.
scream - A response provoked by many dreams to get someone to externalize with held emotions.
search - Search and not find: Instills the need to find something that is lacking within. Can be spiritual or need for self-examination. Search and find: Signal of accomplishment and self-capability.
sex - The most powerful instinct in the human psyche. Satisfy a natural desire when sex is absent in waking life. With someone you like platonically: Affirming a close relationship. With someone you do not like: Time to moderate those negative feelings about them. With the same sex: Can be yourself dealing with your male/ female counterpart. The part of you that you don't like.
shadow - Your own shadow: Your higher Self participates with you. Your counterpart (shadow) personality that you are trying to integrate with.
shark - Emotional threat to self or other person.
shower - Cleansing one self from things that affect the emotions. Relief from stressed emotions.
sign - Things that appear to you as a "sign" require paying attention to. There may be a message there for you.
sinking - Sense of losing the battle to provoke one to fight on.
size - Exaggerated sizes of things are to get your attention. Examine them in detail.
sliding - Instills a sense of instability and tenuousness related to the subject involved.
snake - An recurring issue that has not been resolved yet. Can involve treachery or sense of betrayal.
spaceship - Fearful: Overpowering and puzzling situation or circumstances that makes no sense to you. Happy: Feeling that you have help that is out of this world, there is more than the material powers in the current civilization.
spider - Little annoying or irritating things that are left undone. Can be a fear of gossipy things said about you - or the consequences of gossip you engaged in regarding someone else.
spirits or ghosts - Connections with another world. Fear: You need to address your fears about death or of the unknown. Vivid images of family members contain messages for you. Spirit images of loved ones try to console those they left behind. Negative spirits challenge you to address your fear, chase them away and you won.
stairs - Take you to another level of understanding or progress in your spiritual, emotional or material life.
stalker - The thing left undone or being avoided wants to be addressed.
steal - You steal: A bit of dishonesty comes to your attention. Someone steals from you: Dealing with your own loss of material or emotional belongings.
swim - At peace and comfortable with one's emotions. Things are under control.
teeth - Falling out: Loss of control over certain aspects of one's life. Powerlessness, unable to influence things or the outcome of things important. Loss of self-esteem in a situation or a chronic problem.
telephone - Can't hear the voice: You are out of touch with the subject. You can't speak: You may have nothing to say or lack the skill to say something. The notion of a telepathic message or spiritual communication.
tidal wave - Overcoming you: Your emotions about to become out of control regarding circumstances in life. Dodging it: You are maintain emotional control while facing your stressful situation.
toilet - Sitting on one: Trying to remove memory or stress from embarrassing situation.
tornado - Being overwhelmed by work or circumstances. You are stressed out. If you are overtaken: Things are out of control in your life. If you escape from or avoid it: You are stressed but can handle the situation.
train - A journey in life with someone else in control of the itinerary.
train - Don't work. Loss of control. Applying them: bringing something under control.
unfaithful - Your mate: Suspicion deserved or un-deserved of the mate. Your self: Possibly a desire you have. Happy with the relationship: A signal to reaffirm the commitment.
voice - May be a message for you. The Higher Self is getting your attention.
wedding - A desire fulfilled if there is no ready mate. Preparing your mind set for the future. Prior to actual wedding: To be expected.
window - A point to focus upon a particular subject.
wolf - Peaceful: Coexistence with a threatening situation. On the prowl: Warning to be alert for treachery or loss.

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