Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jesus Turns 6 Waterpots Into 6 Winepots

John 2: 1-11

Vs. 6.: "Now there were set there SIX Waterpots of stone, 'according to the manner of purification of the Jews,' containing twenty or thirty gallons apiece."

1. Normally, the Waterpots were used by the Jews to store water for the ritual of cleansing or purification and that was one of the very major purposes of the Waterpots if not the only use in many cases.

2. Now, there were Six Waterpots of stone and the number 'SIX' is the number of HUMAN - that God made on the sixth day. You are that Waterpot and your transformation and shifting time has arrived. Your assignment is changing and you will never remain the same after now. Your destiny here on Earth in about to be manifested and the rottenness of your past made a history. Praise the Lord.

3. Waterpots were left outside the house to the mercies of the inclement atmospheric conditions, just as many have been left or dropped in life to be dealt with all kinds of inclemency. These Waterpots were marked and only regarded as useful as long as they remain in their house-hold positions for ritualistic cleansing or for the other dirty and low regarded jobs. This is the story of many men and women made in the image of God. Is that your story. Then it is about to be changed forever.

4. Water pots were only handled by servants and steward - the low class of the house-holds and society. They were not regarded as instruments in the company of the renowned, the successful, the achieved and the prospered. But that is about to change and your story from now on would be your inclusiveness in the company of the renowned, the successful, the achieved and the prospered. Praise the Lord.

5. But how did all that change come about? Jesus located those 6 lightly regarded and never appreciated Waterpots. When Jesus locates you, your story must change. On that very particular day, when Jesus arrived at this wedding, He first of all asked His Disciples (the Apostles) that the waterpots be filled with water. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that located the out-door kept Waterpots, has located you in this season. Better believe it.

6. He then thereafter, turned the content of the pots (which is water - that which is tasteless, colorless but life-giving) into wine - that which is tasty, colorful and life-influencing. When Jesus fills you with His water (supplied under the Apostolic mandate), you story must change and therefore your destiny musts be fulfilled here on Earth. The change you desire through the fullness of the Holy Ghost (Water) is easily manifested under a proper and constituted Apostolic Covering. Do you have a proper and constituted Apostolic Covering? This is the secret of change and prosperity.

7. These Waterpots before now never attracted any type of special attention. But now with the Fresh Sweet Wine (The Holy Ghost) as its content, it began to attract special attention and visitations of the noble and sundry. I declare to you that from today your life, family and labor will attract fresh attention of favors and all kinds of blessedness. Amen.

8. These Waterpots were left usually out-doors to the mercy of the weather, despised and unappreciated. I declare to you, in Jesus name, that from today what was despised in you will be in demand. Moreover, what was unappreciated in you will be manifested to such level that God Himself will announce you to the whole world.

9. Just like the Master of the Feast declared that the good was kept in the end, so your end will be more glorious than your beginning - no matter what was your testimony. I declare that you shall live long on this Earth and that very soon every mouth that were speaking evil of you will be speaking praises of you. I declare that the evening of your life shall be more glorious than your morning of life in Jesus Name. Amen.

10. You are that Waterpot. Therefore I declare to you, in the name of Jesus, The Christ of God, even He who turned the Water into Wine, that God has announced that this same Waterpot auction will be changing your status this year 2010. You better receive it and begin to celebrate your elevation in Jesus Name. Amen.