Monday, June 29, 2009


Acts 19:13-14 God is not the author of confusion. Satan is. We learn this in this chapter in Acts. Wherever idols are worshiped or participation in the occult is present, there is confusion because the author of confusion is on the scene. These idols are seen in what we worship in every nation on earth. These idols extend beyond:

- Finance or Money (Capitalism exemplified by 'Wall Street')

- The loose sexual and perverted (sexually confused and disoriented) life-styles of the Western World

- The Power Thirst and Personal Greed of the Developing Nations

- The existence of actual Occult practices or the Cultic in the bid to hold on to power, wealth and all kinds of sexual appetite across the nations and in the Church of Christ on Earth

and the list goes on.

Now in Acts 19, several Jews in Ephesus who were not sincere believers in Jesus Christ took it upon themselves to try to deliver a man vexed with an evil spirit. The demon in the man recognized that these seven men did not have the authority of Jesus Christ or the power of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit spoke through the man saying, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?" The man under the influence of this demon then became violent and attacked the seven men, who fled naked from the scene. The news of this encounter spread throughout the city of Ephesus, and many became believers because of the very testimony of an evil spirit.

That evil spirit acknowledged that he knew Jesus. This is a great example of how often the weapons the enemy sends against us do not prosper and are turned back upon him. Many were led to confess their involvement with Satan through certain practices, and they came forward and burned their curious books and other occult items.

The whole city became stirred, and many were confused. The confusion came because so many in the city were in idolatry. They worshiped the goddess Diana, and this opened the door for many evil spirits to influence and confuse the people.

Watch out for the patterns of confusion in the nations of the earth and in the very individual lives. Ask the Lord for the anointing to shut the door to the author of confusion that our nations and people have opened through dabbling in the occult. Take a stand against the occultism in your community of influence. Remember that witchcraft is the root of all sins of disobedience and rebellion against God and God's constituted authority around you. It is often subtle and uses the M.Sc. Degree - Manipulation, Seduction and Control to deal with its victim. Occultism on the other hands goes beyond witchcraft and is the root of all greed (political power and money grabbing as well as sexual exploits) and moral decay around you. It is very open but equally very deceptive and disguised. It uses the Ph.D. Degree - Power-political, Harlotry-real and economic and Devil Worship in all its dark forms to deal with nations and peoples. Individually, we have to receive the weapon to shut the door of the occult and occultism through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. God cannot do for us what He has delegated to us to execute on His behalf.

Nations and cities where people still read the horoscope daily or played with Ouija boards and fortunetellers (tarot-card or palm readers) allowed to openly operate their businesses are proof of the existence of the Spirit of Confusion. They are not for fun or mere game. These are serious occult businesses and practices. These practices need to be confessed as sin and renounced, and when you do this, you will no longer have a door open to confusion. You can look forward to clarity of mind and peace of mind and heart.

PERSONAL PRAYERS: Lord, show me all the doors opened to Satan around me and around my Church by the things being done and practiced by the men and women (no matter their position's level) within my domain of influence - the realm that collects my taxes (directly or indirectly and supply my means of livelihood through my sweat and labor. I stand in the gap as I confess and renounce these things (NAME THEM ONE BY ONE) and I close the door to and against Satan, I close the door to and against his Principalities and I close the door to and against his demonic spirits of confusion. So I say and thus speak by the authority given to me my Jesus Christ and in His Name. Amen.

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