Friday, January 1, 2010

Year 2010 is a Year of 10:20

2010 is a Year that Matt. 10:20 will be the very foundation and operating system for our everyday life. From January to December the Very Word of our Mouth - backed with follow-through Acts becomes our Destiny Propeller.

Our Words in particular in this Year will make This 2010 a Year of "Digging New Wells," " A Year of Double Digits for Double Blessing and Restoration," "A Year of Release," and " A Year for breaking forth and Breaking Out." The last year was A Year of preparation - to break forth on every side and ride upon our high places in Jesus name. This Year is a Year of Words based on Matt. 10:20.

Therefore Year 2010 is also a Year of Salivation and Judgement based on our Words and Follow-Up Acts.

We should not be surprised to see Words and Acts of Violence and Peacemaking in Year 2010. We should not be surprised in this Year 2010 to see Words and Acts of Violence and Non-Violence being allowed by God to bring about judgement and salvation of people and nations beginning at the grass-root levels of our local communities.

1. In this Year 2010, we must come to terms that the God of the Bible is a God of both salvation and judgment. We must then be careful with our Words and Acts.

2. But in Year 2010 we must be assured that salvation and judgment are not equal with God. His Salvation forever outweighs His judgment - they are not parallel expressions of His nature. For Scripture called judgment His 'strange work' and called 'salvation' His characteristic work in which He delights.

3. In Jesus we found both salvation and judgment as still uneven by His Words and Acts because of our Words and Acts. That will still be His nature in Year 2010. He reacted to wilful perversity with anger, uttered scathing denunciations upon hypocrites, drove the moneychangers out of the temple and overturned their tables. But He also endured the humiliation and barbarities of flogging and crucifixion without resistance. His Salvation extravagantly and immeasurably outweighs His judgement then and will in 2010.

4. So then, just as we see in the ministry of the same Jesus both violence and non-violence, we still see Him in this Year 2010 operating on both ends to bring about His salvation and judgment.

5. As resorting to violence of word, and deed was occasional, alien, uncharacteristic then to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it will still be so in Year 2010; As His characteristic was non-violence then, we will experience His non-violence power and peacemaking grace keeping us safe throughout this Year 2010 both as individuals and a nation.

In Sum - Never Forget that the symbol of The Ministry of Jesus is not the Whip but the Cross. As long as we are IN Him, we have escaped judgement and entered salvation. Thus, we are able to dig new wells this year that will make us breakout and break-forth in every direction. Praise the Lord.

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