Sunday, May 23, 2010



We have been studying the difference between little faith and great faith. Read the whole passage of Mathew 8 and join us to make these observations that we titled:


Finger #1. Faith operates on what is in the NOW (what is on hand) - the issues presently confronting us in the NOW. These are issues that demand immediate answers and cannot be postponed and delayed any further. Hebrew 11:1 tells us that, "Now faith is" or in other words, Faith is now". The evidence of Faith is produced in the NOW and is the substance of our present expectation or present hope. Whereas HOPE ordinarily is in the future, faith is in the NOW.

Finger #2. Whereas faith comes by hearing, hope comes from faith. Concrete faith births concrete hope that all we are expecting will surely come to pass. So, it is faith that brings hope to fruition or to a reality.

Finger #3. Hope gives us reason to continue holding on to all of God promises that are not for the NOW but Faith manifests all of God's promises to come to pass in the NOW. I shall see Jesus Christ when this life comes to an end - this is my hope as a Child of God but the Lord has forgiven all my sins right now and has healed me of all my diseases - this is in the now brought about by my faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. I am healed and being healed now - this is faith. I shall be healed of anything the devil shall try to stick on my body - this is my hope and my expectation.

Finger #4. Faith brings hope to the present and hope brings faith to the future. As long as you have faith, you can never be hopeless. Yet, as long as you have hope, you can never be faithless. Faith is accompanied by works or rather by action. You have to do something to demonstrate your faith. But hope is accompanied by vision. You have to see something or experience something to have hope. You have to experience salvation from sin or the new birth (born-again truly) to have hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Finger #5. Great faith unlike little faith is firmly other-centered. It operates ONLY from LOVE for others and nothing else. But little faith is self-centered - doing with only your affairs and those or things around you. Little faith is the root of all selfishness and self-centeredness. Great faith is rooted in a renewed mind and produces renewed Word that calls the things that be not to become and speaks (acts on) consistently words aligned with God's power and God's love. It's goal is to bring forth the will of God on Earth and the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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