Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Rules of Predictive Prophecy

Three Rules of Predictive Prophecy

A prophet is vindicated and his message authenticated by the fulfillment of his predictions. (In other words) there are definite laws governing predictive prophecy.

Here are the three laws:

1. An accurate prediction must be beyond the power of human foresight or sagacity. In other words, forecasts based on any observable (natural) trends are ruled out. This means that prophesying an obvious or common future event does not constitute a true predictive prophecy. For example, predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow morning is not in any way a prediction. It is a statement of fact. No foreknowledge from the Holy Spirit was required.

2. An accurate prediction must contain a sufficient number of specific details to preclude guesswork. Generalizations do not fit the norm of real predictive prophecy. The more accurate and fulfilled details there are in a prophecy, the greater the likelihood the prediction was truly from God.

3. A sufficient time must elapse between the prediction and its fulfillment to prevent any agency of the prophet or his contemporaries from bringing about the results. An accurate prophecy gains strength and momentum by itself over time until the season for its fulfillment. In this sense, time is the great test of all predictive prophecy. True predictive prophecy comes to pass OVER TIME, and inaccurate predictive prophecy fails to come to pass OVER TIME.

Want to know whether a predictive prophecy is from God? Give it time!

Please join me as we work together to maintain Biblical integrity in prophetic ministry. Let's make sure we continually follow up on any prophetic predictions we give. This is the responsibility of all prophetic ministers.

Hope this helps and to God be the glory,

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