Saturday, May 12, 2012


Prepare to regroup for the last SIX Months of 2012.

Do note that All our ACTIVITIES already fathomed what Our God will do during our 2012 Apostolic CONVENTION & Gathering of Restored Broken Vessels between Sunday August 5, 2012 to Sunday August 12, 2012.
The following are included in what God will do for Our Church & for You the last SIX Months of 2012:

1. 5-star quality of life - full of the Presence & Leading of God Almighty Himself as His Ambassador. (2 Cor. 5:17)

2. 5-star quality Harvest - reaping in (3x) Fold that meets the need (not merely the wants) of Your Spirit, Soul & Body. (2 Cor. 5:17)

3. 5-star quality Prayer life-Style and Worship that breaks out in (6x) folds overcoming all Fear, Stagnation, Lack, Shame, Mockery and Sheer Evil People.

4. NOTE: The last SIX Months of 2012 goodie bag contain: Blood of Jesus Safety Cover, an Holy Ghost traditional Righteousness Garment, God's Book (The Bible) coming alive with His Powerful Promises (All of which money cannot ever buy.)


1. The Wednesday Meetings - 7 PM.

2. The Friday Meetings - 7 PM.

3. The Sunday Morning Warfare Hour 9:30 AM.

During the last SIX Months of 2012 - Just know that the Throne Room of God Above is already open and never fully-booked. But it has different star-levels according to Your desire and the price is according as You can afford with Your Time, Talent & Treasure.

In His Righteousness,

M. Joe Omeokwe, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor
The Harvest Center
Vineyard Int'l Christian Ministries
1140 Teller Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456, USA.
(718) 538-9211 (Office)
(718) 542-7417 (Fax & 24 Hr. Hot-line)

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