Thursday, April 18, 2013

1. The LORD bless You abundantly with His Truth in ways innumerable and in every ramification of the word 'Truth' - not just to preach it as many do but to humbly live it out as evidenced by the number of men and women who came to Christ Jesus or are strengthened in 'His Truth' through You.

2. The LORD, The Almighty God that made the heaven and the earth give you the wisdom to live above self-deceit that is rooted in conceitedness and in the assumption that you alone possess this 'Truth.'  For this is the foundation of all cults and falsehood.

3. You will NEVER lack the proper testimony of Christ Jesus - that lines up with the Will of our God.  His will has to be done on earth as in Heaven.  For, indeed, the will of God is for the Kingdom of God to come down to earth or to rule this earth.  Enforcing the Will of God on earth attracts all the opposition of Satan and people.  But if God be for You, who can be against You. I declare in Jesus name that you are among them of Rev. 12:11 that overcame bearing the testimony of Christ Jesus, Amen. 
4. The LORD favor you in ways that will astound even the power of Rev. 12:17 dragon in his wroth and war against the 'remnants of the seed' of the woman and make you inexplicably wealthy spiritually as you hold on to the testimony of Jesus Christ.

5. The Lord send His Angels even the Angels that serves in the open temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in Heaven to undergird you in all God's ways as serve Christ here on earth.  Thus, making your journey through life a success and a glory to Christ Jesus.

6. Our Faithful God show you Love and Mercy (in line with Rev. 19:10) to be counted among them that have the testimony of Jesus - delivering You from the false worship (reverence) of men, angels, nationhood (race or color) and all earthly dignitaries (with all their titles and accolades) -  to worship sincerely the Living God and His Christ who is the Spirit of Prophecy (The Spirit of Truth) - for then His Goodness will never depart from you.

7. The Testimony of Jesus has no other evidence but the influence your life had on other lives making them to embrace the Kingdom of God on earth.  As such, People you know and even those you don't even know will bless God because you are passing and do pass through this earth; for our God, even Him whose name is El-Elyon has crowned you with His fulness. Amen.

For all these I decree to come pass and so do declare in the Name that is above every other name on Earth and under Heaven given us for our Salvation even Jesus, The Christ of God. Amen.www.facebook/joeomeokwe

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