Thursday, March 12, 2009

"How can you distinguish between a random idea and a God-idea?”

I have been dealing with the mysteries of numbers for so long now that I can't help but delve deeper into the biblical implications of numbers. Everything about you and I are in numbers. We do ask, "How old are you," "What is your height," "What is your weight," "What size do you wear," "How many times do you eat in a day," and so on. Everything about us is in measurements. But what is the mind of Christ Jesus in revealing all these things to us. What are their implications for this Year of Fruitfulness even Year 2009?

Is it really true that we have “the mind of Christ?” But then, what is 'the mind of Christ?" If our goal this 2009 is to leave behind old, worn-out thoughts and open our minds to God’s fresh flow of new ideas, new opportunities and new dreams. Then the starting point to change a life or ministry for the better is to change our thoughts—the content of our thoughts as well as how we think about ourselves, our lives, our ministries and the world around us in terms of numbers and their implications as we number our days here on Earth. When we change the way we think, we set up a new pattern of perception that raises our awareness of the world around us especially on numbers or symbols and permits us to see that world more clearly.

We must determine that a great part of our mission is to stretch our thought lives. We must intensely study ourselves and the world around us and pray ourselves back to life again in appreciating all that Gos has given us in alpha-numeric formulations and symbols!

The most important foundational secret to building an effective life or ministry is: “Your thoughts control your life.” The thoughts you choose to occupy your consciousness will control what you become. For example, if you focus your thought life on the fact that this year 2009 is about Fruitfulness and base your confessions on all that God has declared in His word about fruitfulness, then you are bound to reap a great harvest this year. Again if you believe that the Year 2009 is symbolic because it begins with the digit 2 and ends with the digit 9 and has intense nothing in-between. Therefore, the difference between those two digits is the difference God will make in your life in this Year 2009 - even as your thought intensively stays on it in your confessions, then you will experience 'REST' - in all you do because the differential digit '7' is the number of rest or completion. But you must enter into this thought process and confession with an apostolic mind-set while possessing the anointing of 'finishing' or 'completing' in whatever you have begun to do or whatever God has begun to do in your life. As you pray in this Year 2009 for fullness in all things, fullness will come your way in this Year 2009. Rather than copying stale prophetic utterances and ministries of the past years, the understanding of the mysteries of numbers and symbols will become a springboard for new, innovative ideas that will catapult us forward and deeper into twenty-first century ministry.

To every one that believes in the five-fold ministries, here is my question, "How can you distinguish between a random idea and a God-idea?” I will answer by asking four questions:

1. Is the idea worthy of my consideration? The Scripture describes the kinds of thoughts we are to have in our lives
(Philippians 4:7-8).

2. Does the idea glorify God? If there is any aspect of the idea that does not glorify the Lord, then it is not a God-idea.
(1 Corinthians 10:13)

3. Is anyone else doing it? If someone else is doing then we should collaborate with them instead of competing with them. (Romans 12:4-6; 1 Corinthians 12:26)

4. Will it help a lot of people? There can be no doubt that a God-idea will help a lot people. If not, then it is not a God-idea.

“Your thoughts control your life especially on numbers and symbols” are the TEN words of one of the most important, foundational concepts in life and ministry success.

Please send me your comments even as I pray that God will richly bless you in the study of numbers and symbols; that the Year 2009 will truely be for you a Year of Fruitfulness.

In Christ,

Professor M. Joe Omeokwe
Bronx, New York.

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