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What does repositioning mean?

To understand reposition, we ought to understand position. Position means "the manner in which a person is placed, arranged, set, or situated". I like the word "situated". Our position, then, in a certain area of life refers to how we are situated in that particular area. For example, a person can be poorly positioned in their relationships. This could mean they are relating to others from a place of baggage and crookedness, or, it might mean they are in relationship with harmful and toxic people, or, it might mean they are not keeping in step with the Spirit who is trying to evolve their existing relationships. On the other hand, a person might be correctly positioned relationally by having repositioned themselves (adjusted and re-situated) correctly in the above scenarios.

Our journey with God will require ongoing repositioning beginning in this month of April 2009. Part of this is because God must rearrange our incorrect life arrangements, arrangements He did not inspire or initiate. This is the sanctification or transformation process whereby we are gradually being conformed to Christ-likeness in every area. Another reason is because of our destiny's multi-dimensionality. Our calling possesses different features and depths, and therefore, requires our ongoing repositioning to successfully actualize these dimensions.

Though our entire lives will be marked by repositioning, there are key seasons where God initiates major, high importance repositioning that have significant consequence potential. These are landmark seasons in our life and calling, personally and corporately, and are more crucial to recognize than the typical repositioning we continuously experience simply by being a Christian.

5 Months of Repositioning

Beginning in April and spanning an approximate 5-month season, significant portions of Spirit-targeted individuals will be divinely-initiated to reposition themselves in high importance ways. The Lord is sending this word because of the consequence of this 5-month window, how it will reset hinge areas for the future. The Lord calls from heaven for us to hear and see. Hear Him!

This Coming Summer of Year 2009 - Is Crucial for Fruitfulness

Many of these repositioning will have relevance for this summer of 2009. Many that do and do not adjust faithfully will reap in the summer.

Why now?

Fruitfulness of Year 2009 means that Year 2009 is a Year of Soul-winning. In 2009, many unsaved friends, family members, and people in general will look to Christians nearby for solutions. Some will do this for the first time ever. Even some that have mocked or hated Christians will have unusual and unexpected mind-changes. For many of us, God will be resetting our lives in ways that will produce great victories and desirable circumstances, perfuming us with an attractive fragrance to these 2009-seekers.

God is reassuring us that Year 2009 is a Year of Protection. It has been prophesied already that 2009 will see difficult days in certain aspects of America. We are seeing it already not only in the Economy of this Nation and in the Political Arena but all the levels of the Social fabric of this nation. Isaiah 3:10,11 and Psalm 37:18,19 have glorious assurances, though, for the truly faithful Christians: Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done...The days of the blameless are known to the LORD, and their inheritance will endure forever. In times of disaster they will not wither; in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.

In this Year 2009 and immediately beyond, Christians will flourish significantly or struggle significantly to the degree they are properly positioned in each area of their life. Of course, this principle is true always. However, as already mentioned, there are situations and seasons where proper positioning has much greater consequence, for better or worse. 2009 and immediately beyond is such a time. Faithful adjustment in the next several months will result in supernatural protection, provision, prosperity, and power thereafter.

Oh Christians, hear the words falling from the Lord! Listen and shift in a time of shifting, and be covered in the day of sifting for your fruitfulness! Be abundant in the day of scarcity! Be powerful in the day of weakness! Choose the choice of the Lord! I will continue this trend of thought and prophetic utterances next week. Till then, keep being prophetic and walking in revelation. Maranatha.

Yours in His Righteouness,

The Venerable Professor M. Joe Omeokwe
Bronx, New York

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Lavera said...

The revelation is powerful. Many unbeliever are seeking advice from Christian already. The prophecy is true.

Continue to yield yourself unto God for greater insight.