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"Taking the five loaves and ........." Luke 9:16"

May is the Fifth Month of the Year 2009 - The Month for the realization of God's Appointment for your Destiny. The month to experience a unique encounter with God - the Season for "Springing Forth and Out" for the world to see you as God sees you. You are qualified for this encounter because you are the righteousness of God. It is a mystery - God turning Your Five (what you have) into Your Five Thousand (what you need). You are His dear blessed child, washed and forgiven by His sacrifice and made blameless and holy in His sight. You are the prime target of multiplication of resources this month of May which is symbolized by the Miracle of Jesus Christ in the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Remember, Beloved, that it is the truth that you know that sets you free. This truth boldly confronts one of the subtle deceptions that has so many people bound. That deception has made many of God's children slaves to the approval of others and captive to the drive of selfish ambition. All in an attempt to feel good about themselves and yet experiencing no multiplication or elevation in life. But God in Christ Jesus has set you free from this fruitless endeavor. For the Mystery of the Month of May - The Power of '5' means that:

You would be multiplied in all dimensions beginning with the love of God because of who You are in Christ, not for what You do.

You do not have to strive to earn your acceptance by man or God because God has made You accepted in the beloved.

You are not accepted or promoted based on your performance or your ability because the favor of God will turn Your Five into Your Five Thousand.

You do not have to keep up with today's so-called standards of living to be worthwhile or credible.

You can have opinions that differ from others without fear of being disqualified from love because God's love makes You secure in Him. Therefore, You can risk being
You and yet prospering.

You are free to explore and develop all the uniqueness of your God-given personality without penalty.

You no longer have to struggle or perform to fill the gnawing void that tells You that you are nothing without accomplishments, awards or popularity.

You need to know that the Power of '5' means that your struggles are OVER - if only you can believe it.

'5' as we know it is the Number of Divine Appointment or Encounter and by prophetic transactions, it is the May (the Fifth Month of the Year 2009) is the month of translating FIVE into FIVE THOUSAND in this Year of Fruitfulness. '2' is the Number of Divine Agreement !!!!


Whatever we have in our hand or in our possession is that FIVE. We must be willing to use or sow from all our resources, talents and gifts for Jesus - then we will reap the FIVE THOUSAND return beginning with this month of May.

"And looking up to heaven" Luke 9:

This is the right month to enter into covenant of appointment with the Father (by faith, nothing mystical here) based on the Number '5' and understand thereof what it means to look to the Father - our perspective changes and we see our Provider - not the problem. Based on the principle and power of the 3 T's of Time, Talent or Treasure) of '5000' (Five attached to three '0' intensities.

This is the sure month of making The Covenant of Appointment with the Father based on the Number '5' as to quickly access the power of creative miracle this Year 2009 that changes what we HAVE into what we NEED.

"He gave thanks And broke them"


It is in breaking that bounty flows - this is the message of the Season. Our Lord Jesus' body was broken so that we might be made whole. Yet, as disciples we will still experience our own personal time of breaking - operating on this Principle - so that we can break out and break forth. Yes, until we let go (break-away) that FIVE which is what we have in our hands, we cannot exprience this multiplication of FIVE THOUSAND.

This is the month whereby if we can muster the faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. In other words, we can expect to see the creative miracle power of the Number '5' working for us in acceleration in any and all situations if we hold on to this unction and to the Father's heart. This Month of May being the 'Month 5' of 2009, we just need to access God's presence, understand He is Creator God and acknowledge the Holy Spirit moves on words spoken in faith to give us our 5000 level multiplication in all dimensions. Praise God.

Your Brother,
The Ven. Prof. M. Joe Omeokwe
Vineyard, Bronx, New York, USA.

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