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The Types of Repositioning That Will Begin In The Fourth Month of Year 2009 !!!

God revealed to us as the Year 2009 began that this Year 2009 will be like no other year in the History of the Black the World over. It will mark the 40 Years of the Death of Martin Luther King (when I gave the Black Man in America the right to be really free) and most importantly it will mark the 400 Years the first black Slaves arrived to the Coasts of the USA from the Coasts of Africa. Therefore have I raised President Barack Obama to be the sign of this and to serve the World as the 44th President of the USA and to hold the 40th Presidential Inauguration at the Capitol. Hence, during the Passover and Easter of Year 2009 which is the 4th Month of your Solar and Gregorian Calendar but the 1st Month of the Jewish Calendar, I will begin FOUR major types of Repositioning for the Believing Heart especially of those who have been down and held down. Remember that for the practicing Jewish people, the first time to bring in the First Fruit to God. The reason being that the First governs the Rest and the Fruit also is dependent upon and determined by the Roots. Those Believers who practice the giving of their first fruit either by the Gregorian Calendar or by the Jewish Calendar know these Truth. Now, all these will begin on the Passover of Year 2009 which is on April 8 (4 doubled or the twice of 4), 2009. The Number '4' being the Number of Revelation - the beginning of real manifestation.

The Next Five Months are Critical and The Passover and Easter of 2009 marks the beginning of this Repositioning. Beginning with the Passover and Easter of 2009, I will release such a profound resurrection power of my visitation to fulfill all my promises that will birth fruitfulness in my people in this Year of Fruitfulness even Year 2009, says the Lord. There will be two dimensions to this: The Passover Dimension which in Hebrew means 'halt' - a time many will be halting between two opinions to fully obey the Lords instruction as to escape the Death Angel and Egypt or perish like the Egyptians under the fury of the Death Angel. It is like the days of Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel as the people halted between two opinions - going all the way with the Lord or going all the way with the idol (false god) Baal. But the Passover for the Believer is a time to come out from every slavery or bondage - the restricted place - and enter into the great expanse of God's blessings.

Now, Barack and Michelle Obama are the Symbols of this Passover and Easter of this Year 2009 for the believing Heart and it will mean Seven Things:

a) A time or moment to end your Slavery - having no authority and rights.

b) A time or moment to end your Bondage - having no freedom and privileges.

c) A time or moment to end the oppression of the taskmasters (the demonic).

d) A time or moment to end the power of frustration - hopelessness.

e) A time or moment to end every limitation.

f) A time or moment to end the Power of the Destiny Destroyer.

g) A time or moment to end to end the syndrome of No Harvest - No Success.

But on the whole, this Passover and Easter brings for the Believer for Four Types of Repositions:

1. Spiritual Repositioning
Key adjustments need to be made in our relationship with God. Many have been prioritizing ministry and giftedness over intimacy with God, like Martha (Lk 10:38-42) and the Corinthian church. Ministry will not bring the supernatural favor or deliverance that intimacy will, as Psalm 91 emphasizes. Some individuals, ministries, and churches will be led to adjust their priorities and procedures to circulate everything around intimacy with Him.

Some have been prioritizing good behavior and "godliness" over intimacy with God. The Ephesian church had a "Godliness Resume" more impressive than many of our churches today, yet Jesus called them backslidden-fallen from a great height-for abandoning intimacy with Him (Rev 2:1-5)! Goodness and "godliness" without intimacy will not bring the necessary divine favor or deliverance for the coming seasons. Remember Psalm 91!

2. Emotional and Relational Repositioning
Key adjustments need to be made in our emotional and relational life. Many are emotionally set in shame and need to be reset in innocence. Some are set in a stained feeling and need to be reset in a pure feeling. Some are set in fear and need to be reset in confidence. Some are set in habitual feelings of frustration and need to be reset in feelings of progress and momentum. Some are set in rejection and need to be reset in acceptance. Some are set in invalidation and low self-esteem and need to be reset in value and worth. Some are set in depression and need to be reset in joy. Some are set in aggression and need to be reset in kindness. Some are set in ongoing feelings of confusion and need to be reset in feelings of clarity. Some are set in powerlessness and need to be reset in felt power and capability. Some are set in abandonment and need to be reset in "cared for". Some are set in hopelessness and need to be reset in hope.

Do not get overwhelmed by this list. We are all maturing emotionally into Christ-like emotions. Simply ask and wait for the Spirit to illuminate the emotional cross-over He wants you make, then go from there. Psalm 147:2,3: The LORD builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the exiles of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Along with emotional issues, some will be led to reposition relationally. This means key adjustments need to be made in their relationships and social life. Some will be led to sift or redefine their inner circle, or closest relationships. Some will be led to sift or redefine their outer circle, or social affiliations. Some will be led to adjust specific relational patterns that are crooked and unhealthy. Some will be led to distance or cut off completely from toxic people. Some will be led to restore or intensely cultivate certain connections. Some ministries and churches will be led to rearrange their networks, partnerships, or financial supports.

Relationships are always huge, but they will be even huger in coming seasons. It is not only about avoiding toxic people, or not over-investing in unhelpful or unfruitful individuals/groups, it is also about recognizing the "key holders" and "hand-ups" that God sends. If He touches your heart concerning relationships, adjust whatever He points to.

3. Intellectual And Vocational Repositioning

Key adjustments need to be made in our opinions and logic. This will also makes a shift in our vocation - the willingness to reposition ourselves for the very maximization of our skills and intellect. The possibilities here are endless, so I'll be general. For many, your opinions (about whatever) will be the death of self - The Self in you has to die. Change now! Good and bad things will happen, and both will be magnified in coming days, but only the Christian who has adequately repositioned himself in his mind will be able to detect the supernatural interpretation of such things. Romans 12:2 and 1 Corinthians 2:10-16 are phenomenal passages concerning this. Remember, revelation comes from the Spirit/our spirit into our mind-the Spirit of wisdom and revelation enlightens our understanding (Eph 1:17,18 NKJV). Therefore, our mind must be prepared and positioned so that incoming revelation is not bypassed or discarded as a meaningless thought or imaginative residue or demonic suggestion. The Christian's logic must be entirely Scriptural and spiritual.

This means key adjustments need to be made in their job and career. Some will be touched to change jobs completely, while others will be led to simply change their emphasis or responsibilities in their existing job. Some will be moved to work more (jobs or hours), some to work less. Whatever the adjustment, God will be touching many to take small or gigantic steps toward their life calling, to move more and more into work that satisfies their unique design (Ps 139:13-16 NKJV).

The Spirit will touch some ministries and churches to better synchronize their workers' responsibilities with their unique design. Leadership structures will be reorganized and reset. Some leaders will be added, some released. Follow the Spirit repositioning your organization's personnel and task distribution

Again, do not be overwhelmed. You do not need a perfect mind going into the coming seasons, only a repositioned mind in the opinion(s) God brings to your attention. Ask and wait with all willingness, then jump the fence and cross over to the other perspective when He shows you.

4. Doctrinal and Ecclesiastic Repositioning

key adjustments need to be made in the area of church. Some might need to leave their present congregation, for positive or negative reasons. Some might need to reposition themselves where they are at (new place of service, new small group, more/less responsibility, more/less time investment, different ministry style, etc...). Some might need to plant themselves, and I mean truly connect and invest, in a solid Bible-based fellowship. Many will also be led to reposition doctrinally. This means key adjustments need to be made in what they believe (and therefore, practice) about certain biblical subjects. Incorrect, partial, or watered-down doctrines on certain subjects will prove costly in the coming seasons. God knows this, and is illuminating His cross-denominational church with greater understanding of biblical truth.

This is not a denominational thing, or a "movement" thing-this is a Bible thing. The Spirit will be repositioning many Christians' doctrinal settings so that it will favor and deliver them in time to come, not trap and trip them. Some "Church of Christ" or "Charismatic" might become more "Presbyterian" or "Methodist", while some "Baptists" or "Catholics" might become more "nondenominational" or "Charismatic" or "Church of Christ". And vice versa and on and on.

The Head of the body is converging and integrating the faithful, Bible-believing, Spirit-led body parts for the coming seasons and final seasons. The God of heaven and earth could not care any less about our man-made, man-centered, man-glorifying denominations. He cares about His Name, His Bible, His kingdom, and saving sinners, and whoever else cares about these things will find themselves in one and the same mighty rushing River! So be humble and compliant to whatever doctrinal adjustments the Spirit convicts you to make. It might just save your neck and bless your family in ways you could never foresee.

What The Resurrection Power of Easter in This Year 2009 will Yield to Us Because Of Repositioning:

1. A Willingness within the Body to rise up from the Death on the Word of God.

2. Therefore an Enforcement Angel or Angels Dispatched to ensure there is no encumbrance or hindrance to the very Word of God.

3. The Death Wrap (all Limitations) removed for Total Freedom and Liberty.

4. The Closed Door Stone Rolled Away by the Angels - Your Coming Out from Every Bondage and Oppression has been guaranteed.

5. The Sign of The Empty Tomb - The Announcement of the End of your Slavery and Bondage signaling the Possession of All Authority over Life and Death - I am not WHO Christ is but I am WHAT Christ is.

6. The Soldiers (or Your Enemies) rendered powerless and destroyed - The Egyptians you now see will be no more (cease to exist) after this Season.

7. The Mary Magdalene Syndrome - Suspense and Joy will grip and mesmerize All who sees you (those who encounters you) after this Season. Repositioning in this Easter Moment means that the Glory and Anointing of God will be on you like never before as to forever either change your Destiny or create a New Destiny for you. Get on and move into it.

These are the REVELATIONS for this Hour and this Season !!!

Remain in Expection which is the essence of Hope. Expect a Change in this Season. Maranatha.

In His Righteousness,

The Ven. Prof. M. Joe Omeokwe
Vineyard Int'l Ministries
Bronx, New York, USA.

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