Tuesday, December 8, 2009


1. Whatever happened to Tiger Wood happened in the past and it is going to happen again in the future. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and we know that there are consequences for our actions and inactions. The essence of my last encyclical and this present one is for us to look for possible good that might come out of his tragedy and see a glimmer of light. Perhaps, by reading this encyclicals, others might avoid the same pitfalls and other may gain some hope in forgiveness from God even when folks may never forgive or forget. Like King David of Israel, whose human failure was made open to all, his rebound would be the greatest legacy from this greatest golfer that ever lived.

2. However, we must learn that all sins are equal before God and that we must never judge other people too harshly because we are not without sin. We do not know what we would have done if given the same sets of circumstances as Tiger Wood. The truth is that the spectators are usually the best players. We need to focus on ourselves and on whom we have become. We must move from surviving to thriving as well as move from fault finding to fault bearing. Like King David again, neither Tiger Wood, nor anyone, can fall beyond the reach of God's love and forgiveness. The is the most important lesson of all.

3. It is true that some people take joy in other people's pain and want to feel better than others or better about themselves especially when reading or witnessing such scandals as Tiger's. The truth is that none of us is better than Tiger. Every one of us must do his or her own repenting and equally go through his or her own stages of repentance - the constant replays, the gnawing guilt, the shame and finally the hope a new beginning that springs from true repentance.

4. The fact that God did not exposed our sins or our nakedness to the whole world does not mean that we ought to act as if we are without sin. Sometimes, it is a good thing for God to expose our sins and have us go through the fire as to come forth out of it as tried gold. But all said and done, Tiger Wood by God's mercies will be born again as he accepts the present pains with humility and contrition.

5. We must never forget Bill Clinton and all the attempts to scandalize him. We must never forget that the people who were his loudest critics have all fallen flat on their faces with exactly the same sin and in some cases worse that President Clinton. Some of them have been caught in men's bathroom soliciting men for sex, some on mountain trails with their "soul mate" outside of their marriages, some caught with other peoples' wives, and the list goes on and on.

6. We should focus on getting God to forgive us of our transgressions instead of focusing on someone else's. This is the essence of this encyclical. We must learn to look beyond the pains and failures of others. Rather, we must learn to look for the glory that follows every suffering and the change that follows when any individual have gone through painful processes.

7. We must learn to give room for folks like Tiger Wood to heal and to find restoration with his wife and family. The less attention we give to this incidence, the better the family can deal with their problems and heal from their pain. For Tiger, this too shall pass as he reclaims his place in history and in the heart of humanity.

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