Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Acts to activate the full auction or Power of the mystery of 10/10/10/10

(1) Carry out 10 Gracious Random Acts to favor others on or within 10 days from 10/10/10/10, You will also find favor from an unexpected sources or from people over issues in your life that has baffled you for long.

(2) You will be too relevant to be ignored in the needed circles of your life or sought position henceforth after doing the following act when you as a positive and generous giver target ten SPECIFIC Individuals or ten Specific different godly causes over their expressed needs from 10/10/10/10.

(3) You will encounter GOD and will never remain the same from 10/10/10/10 if your heart is bent towards God in meditation over a particular promise in sincere pursuit after God daily in quietness no less than 10 Minutes each day.

(4) When you can find apostolic instructions and follow them from 10/10/10/10, the grace for completion (the number 10) will come on you and you shall be blessed to become a Finisher in whatever your hands find to do.

(5) Standing on the power of 10/10/10/10, the hand that sows seeds in degrees of 10's on the Alter of his or her Spiritual Father or a Specific Chosen Covering or Apostle from 10/10/10/10 shall never again Labor in vain or ever have a failed harvest.

(6) The mouth saying ''Amen'' to the prayer of agreement (Matt. 18:18-20)on 10/10/10/10 shall ever have the last laugh ... Amen.

(7) If you can boldly enter into a covenant with God on 10/10/10/10 not to be ashamed to confess Him in every situation, GOD is going to lift you up in real prosperity before the world as His confession of who you are to Him.

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