Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten has been a significant number in all historical ages. This is the number Representing TESTIMONY

10 stands for RESPONSIBILITY or that which requires an expected Response. God gave 10 commandments to man for him to bear the testimony before God and man.

1. This number is made up of the sum of four and six (4 Revelation, 6 Man, 4+6).

2. We can also have double grace (5+5)

3. We also need to see this as the sum of perfection and completion, 3 + 7.

4. Man has 10 digits on his hands and feet.

5. There were 10 patriarch before the flood, Noah being the tenth who found grace in the eyes of God, a preacher of righteousness and a builder of the ark of safety and preservation (Gen 5).

6. There were 10 plagues upon Egypt and Pharaoh during the days of Moses. Our never changing God will release these 10 plagues upon every Egypt and Pharaoh that might be holding you down in Jesus name - Ex 7: 12, and He will cause you to triumph gloriously.

7. Abraham prayed for 10 righteous people within the wicked city of Sodom. He wanted a testimony for God.

8. There were 10 virgins in the parable of Jesus. 5 Wise and 5 Foolish. This season calls for Wisdom.

9. There were 10 Servants to whom were entrusted 10 pounds TO OCCUPY UNTIL HE COMES, and one was rewarded by being given authority over 10 cities (your season of an overflowing reward is finally here, you will begin to take absolute authority over circumstances in Jesus name. You will occupy, no more joblessness, redundancy and wastefulness through God's given grace to OCCUPY - Lk 19: 13,17)

10. Most importantly, ten powers become powerless against the LOVE OF GOD, WHICH IS IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD. (Romans 8: 38)

"For I am persuaded, that (1) neither death (2) nor life (3) nor angels (4) nor principalities (5) nor powers (6) nor things present (7) not things to come (8) nor height (9) nor depth (10) nor any other creature, shall be ABLE TO SEPARATE us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8: 38-39

Remember the Tithe is a "
10th" of our earnings belonging to God - This day belongs to God and let THE LOVE OF GOD (which is like the shining and burning fire of the Lord) render these
10 powers powerless in your life as you join us in spirit or come in person fasted and ready to pray and praise God with a fresh burning love of God on 10/10/2010 @ 10.00AM @ Vineyard Int'l Christian Ministries.

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